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    Kaizah the Breloom

    650 ✧
    Oran Berry x 1
    Curve Band
    Power Band
    Diet Ribbon
    Trap Scarf
    Goggle Specs
    X-ray Specs
    Scanner Orb
    Two edge Orb
    Trapper Orb
    Quick Orb
    Invisify Orb

    Spore | Seed Bomb |Sky Uppercut | ???

    Kaizah woke up finding himself under a tree just outside of Gold Town. His memory was foggy of the previous night, his last memory being entering Ozzy’s Friend Zone with Hiro. A bit drowsy, he got up and thought about what he needed to do for the day. Listing a few things in his mind, he jumped up, realizing today was the day of the tomb exploration. With a silent excitement, the pokemon rushed his way back to town.

    Before going to the bulletin board, Kaizah stopped Asty’s to pick up some of his stored items. Upon entering, the Nidoking gave the Breloom a friendly welcome and allowed him to pick up his things. It seemed that Asty was one of the few people who Kaizah had interacted with prior to his amnesia, though while they didn't have a deep relationship, the Nidoking was a big help in his current understanding of who he was. The biggest being that, he was an advent adventurer, given his huge stash of items that he kept with the Nidoking.

    Kaizer picked out a few items before heading off, of which included a few revival seeds, a curve Band, diet Ribbon, power band, zinc band, trap scarf, goggle specs, x-ray specs, scanner orb, two-edge orb, trapper orb, rollcall orb, quick orb, and invisify orb. All of which he added to his inventory.
    After a quick goodbye, the Breloom found himself in front of the bulletin boards, searching for his assigned name.

    Team 3
    Heat Wave the Kirlia
    Kaizah the Breloom
    Luna the Purrloin
    Lillian the Meinshao

    After finally completing his goal, Kaizah came to a throughout conclusion.

    I know none of these people.

    After a brief sigh, the Breloom took a moment and looked around in hopes to find his teammates.

    After a quick survey, he spotted a Meinshao and Kirlia speaking to each other.

    That must be them.

    He thought as moved over to validate is quiry.

    “Are you guys Heat Wave and Lillian?”


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