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    Name: June Reid Age: 10 Gender: female
    Beginning Pokemon Trainer!

    Appearance: June is small for her age, actually most people think she is much younger than she is. Standing at almost 4 feet tall and weighing only 60 pounds. Her skin is very pale, almost sickly looking. Her hair is shoulder length and brown in color and she keeps it framing her face. Her eyes stand out very well against her pale skin due to the fact they are a bright violet in color. Most people think they are contacts but that is actually her true eye color.

    Clothing wise June wears a pale pink long-sleeve button down shirt, with frills of the same color on the shoulders and the collar. Over that she wears a dark, sort of navy blue color corset, that has a One-Winged crest on the top-left side in gold, the front has red lacing. For bottoms, she wears a black skirt with a pink stripe at the bottom and a lacey slip underneath. She wears white knee-high socks with a lacy rim at the top and red Mary-Jane-like shoes that buckle over the top of the foot and around the ankle. On her head, she has a small black crown, tied with a red ribbon whose bow sits just under her chin. She almost always has her pink purse, of which has a red scarf tied around it.

    History: June was born and raised in Fuchsia City. Growing up she was constantly falling sick. Anything from simple thins such as colds to worse cases such as bronchitis. Due to this she was never really allowed outside to play with the other kids. Which has contributed to her sickly appearance. As she grew older June loved to read and learn. Always saying she was going to be the greatest Pokemon trainer. Only to be shot down every time. Her mother and father always told her that wasn't possible. With her chronic illnesses she was better off staying home.

    Finally it seemed luck was on her side though. Nearing her 10th birthday she again brought up the fact she wanted to be a Pokemon trainer. As usual her parents said no. But it was her doctor who changed their minds. Dr. Gerald told her parents that it could be beneficial for her health to travel. To be in the sunshine, the fresh air. Then to her and her parents surprise Dr. Gerald gifted her with a small Eevee shooting her a wink when her parents weren't looking. Because of this her parents couldn't refuse. For one fact June knew her parents never disagreed with her Doctor, and the second they couldn't possibly say no after the present she got. With a happy heart she was given a Pokegear for her birthday that had her parents numbers and Doctors in it. Her father took her to Viridian City for her to start out. Telling her to call if anything happened to her.

    Personality: June is a very intelligent young girl. Despite her young age, and small size she cares a lot about Pokemon. On the outside she seems happy. When in fact she is incredibly lonely. Her favorite colors are Pink, Red, and Gold, her least favorite color is green. Towards others she is shy at first. Rather quiet but in reality she just doesn't know what to do. She's never had any friends. Ever. So she doesn't know how to act around other kids. She holds a fear that no one will like her and is not likely to approach someone she doesn't know. More than anything in the world she just doesn't want to be lonely anymore.

    Starting Location: Viridian City

    Level: 5
    Appearance: Taro is much like his trainer smaller than others of his kind.

    Personality: Taro is a very lovable Eevee with a fire inside his heart. He has a strong desire to evolve into a Flareon and hopes to make this known to his beloved June. He cares more about her than anything though they just met. He can sense she is lonely as he had been before being given to her, and has vowed to never leave her side.

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