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    Originally Posted by mucus View Post
    I'm trying to simply remove all of the musical tracks from all of the maps.
    But have been unable to succeed in doing so.
    I've been. . .

    1) opening rom (i have placed the rom in the same directory as sdsme)
    2) editing a single entry, then saving header data
    3) save rom as new file in a new directory
    4) close sdsme
    5) open sdsme, open rom
    6) see the changes were not saved

    what am I doing wrong?
    If you dont want any music, just change the music id to 0(zero). Then save new rom or old rom, best to put in the same directory though. Also make sure you edit both daytime and nighttime just to make sure it works.

    If anyone ask me why I'm not working on a RomHack anymore, I got really interested in Unity3D, now im testing alot of my pokemon work on there with a friend.
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