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Part Twenty-Six: So I heard you like warp mazes
Or finding out how dumb the villagers are.


Alright, greeny, let's see if you want to fight us.

Fitting music continues to play!


I didn't screencap the battle, because it was the same as a regular wild one - dead easy. =/

There was this though.

These guys don't usually jump at you if you get too close like the RESEARCH guys too.

Pity I can't just throw it...

Well you're doing a bang-up job!

These guys are here too, but again, Not-Sandslash outlevels them easily.

Alphabet fun with WARATA!

Oh. How annoying.

Silly WARATA. For those who forgot, 'attacked freely' means they attack automatically whatever opponent is showing up, regardless of what said opponent is doing.

Well that was effective.


Well put.

There are phones around the place, but you can't actually use them. Although everyone should have their own phones anyway...


These guards are terrible.

You are so bad at this I am just going to beat you up as punishment.

That was easy.


I think this is an easy choice.

Oooh, what is he going to look like now...?

SupMon! Now with a touch more height, that armour deal, and...

...and the same name as his first stage evolution.


Believe me, I'm remembering it all too well.

I hope you don't go about trying to learn Fly, Not-Sandslash.

Oh hey, you!

RODANSA proceeded to use Dust.

I hate Dust when I can't use it but my opponents can. That takes up my turn!

'You come here!' 'No, you come!'


RODANSA can be pretty darn frail.

This is getting a touch annoying though - hard to hit this guy.

Especially now...

Let's look at Not-Sandslash's moves in the meantime. Assault and Crusader are pretty strong, and the others are the same as before.

What exactly is charging, anyway? What is e-magic? Or do I not want to know?

Not bad considering we're twice evolved and he's not (albeit RODANSA has the type advantage).

And he's being quick now!

Oh well, that taught him. I like how this wild e-monster battle was far harder than the battles with the guards.

This could be tougher yet.

So why would I give a dog-like beast a saw...? Because he has a friend?

I don't get your idea of friendship, e-monster world. According to you, friends beat each other up, harass them on the phone to buy them bombs, and then buy each other items they have no way to use.

Oh look a not-guard.

So you are just going to stand there? Sheesh.


The villager could have just used the warp panel to the right and walked straight down and he would be free.


Go away.

Not there.

Gasp! A smart guard!?

He has a name?

A look at what, exactly?


WARATA reacts well with that.


Oh hey, something that was useful!

This isn't useful.

Well, at least he said please...?

Oh hey we got one of these guys. Yay.

The excitement of the maze continues!

Well, you see...'s right there. =|

I guess two brain cells is better than one.

That doesn't quite make sense...

Are you protecting anything important?


...There's no VIP here. >:[

The heck is this VIP? Very Important Point?

Looks more like a bow to me, if you can see past the sparkles.

That's one letter away from NIGERIA.


We can't end this update now. Stop trying to break the fourth wall!

...No? I guess?

I'm not sure at all.

This is now one of my favourite lines in the game. Especially as it can be read as her being boring is why she got kidnapped.

Another green thing!

Great, even the guards don't know the way.

Maybe that's why they're so angry.

...And just standing in corners.

What 'guies'?

That's unfortunate.

Keep doing that, Not-Sandslash.

And suddenly I stumble on the end! But I don't want to go here yet as I'm pretty sure there's still some places to explore first. But at least I know where to go.

...release? Oh dear.

Everybody's gotta go~

What is a jet doing here anyway!?

Nothing but a broken phone here!




Well, they actually acknowledged them. That's neat, I suppose.

I present to you the dead-end room.

See, he's all hit and speed.

Oh boy.

It's not you, I can say that much.

I find the existence of the he/she bit interesting, actually. Besides, this is an old game and I'm pretty sure it's addressed to Bek, not the player.

Wait what

I just


Either he meant lying, or...I didn't know he had those feelings for Bek.

Like, really, woah. Talk about sudden.

Oh yeah, I guess I decided to go beat up the boss now. The maze itself isn't very large, but it's dang annoying as it is.

Didn't we just pass them on the way here, Bek...?

Treat me as his player? Okay.

Let's do this.

Not a bad design, I suppose!

A pity he's Lake (water) type. Not-Sandslash might just be having a field day with his recent evolution.

I suppose so!

Learn with WARATA and friends.

Faster, but he's not doing too much.


Yes, you were attacked.


Oh. Okay then.

Okay, have fun with your multi-turn charge attack.


I accidentally an entire boss.


I really don't think there was any luck there. That was an embarrassing walkover. Sorta like the opposite in difficulty of this maze.

Ooooh, Bek's appying the salt.

Jump all you want, you still got smashed.

Huh. That's interesting.

Just what I was thinking, Bek.

Of course you can't.

Oh my. Bek is, uh, really aggressive right now. Maybe he thought about ****.


Back to the name of Brag then, I see.

This SANARBA guy or group or whatever sound like a powerful influence.

'Let my people go!' Now I'm imagining the story of Moses with e-monsters.


Well, you saying that means everything is fine now...?




Well I guess that concludes the main plot of Bansis Village! Next we get to see the result of everyone being returned, apparently.