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    I would really love to help making the new DR hack well I played the first one that was really nice now I would love to see the new one.

    Skills:Mapping,Basic Scripting and Beta Testing.
    Proof of Work:Here it is my Map link:,

    My quick starter script:
    #dyn 0x740000
    #org @start
    checkflag FR_POKEMON
    if true jump :end
    addpokemon CUBONE 5 THICKCLUB 0 0 0
    setflag FR_POKEDEX
    setflag FR_POKEMON
    special FR_NATIONAL_DEX
    sethealingplace 1
    setflag FR_RUNNING_SHOES
    additem TM01 1
    additem STICK 1
    additem POTION 3

    Availability:Always on after school (Not always on when September cuz of a RolePlay thing in my school so yeah).

    Are you D.C.I.D.T:I'm Determined and Extremely Interested on what I'm doing,Im not really a Team player,Lil' bit devoted .

    If I don't get accepted well It's okay,Good luck on making the game.
    Hai I'm <=:.SHATTEREDSOUL.:=>