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Heat Wave chuckled a bit at Lillian's response. "You're doing fine right now." He replied with another bright smile.

“Are you guys Heat Wave and Lillian?” The kirlia turned to face the voice sounding behind him. There was an orange Breloom standing there.

"Yeah, that's us." He replied, tapping his chest. "I guess you're Kaizah, huh?" Heat wave paused for a moment and examined the Breloom's odd colouration for a bit longer.

"Gotta say," He said finally. " I like the orange. Looks neat." He smiled warmly at Kaizah for a moment then continued. "Guess we're only waiting for... uh... what was the last one's name..Shoot." Giving up, Heat Wave walked back over to the message board and looked through it to find his team once again.

"Ah, Luna. That's the last one."