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If you were to ask a non-Pokemon fan what their
favorite Pokemon was, the answer would probably be
"PIKACHU IS SO CUTE!" or, "Charizard is beast, man!"
Everybody likes overrated Pokemon, but what about the
UNDERrated Pokemon? Is there any love for the darling little
Parasect? What about Lumineon? That's what I'm here to discuss

I love all Pokemon, but the ignored ones really stand out to me. I want all of you Gastrodon lovers, or Qwilfish lovers to join this club! I get REALLY happy when I see people say, "Swalot is so cute!" or, "Mr. Mime is EPIC!" It just makes me want to burst into confetti! I love it, SOOOOOOO much. If you want to join this club, look DOOOWN!

********CLUB RULES!********

Rule 1. Follow all PC rules!

Rule 2. TRY to stay active.

Rule 3. Respect other people's opinions!

!!!!!!!!!!HOW TO JOIN THIS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!

Post this info down below V


Username: Neosprin
Favorite Underrated Pokemon: Liepard
Why you want to join this club: I made this club. :D
Most Used Underrated Pokemon (In your games): Vileplume
Underrated Partner: Liepard (Kiara)

Why you love your favorite underrated Pokemon:
It reminds me of my cat Kiara, and I love her so.

Answer to topic of the week:

******TOPIC OF THE WEEK!******

If you could keep any underrated Pokemon in your home, in real life, which one would it be? (You have to treat it like a pet, it won't feed itself)

List of Underrated Pokemon!

If your partner Pokemon is not on this list, I will add it to the list. ;)

Parasect line
Gastrodon line
Crawdaunt line
Swalot line
Medicham line
Aggron line
Musharna line
Mr. Mime line
Electivire line
Jynx line
Manetric line
Fearow line
Arbok line
Bibarel line
Grumpig line
Xatu line
Ariados line
Lumineon line
Cacturne line
Hitmonchan/lee/top line
Granbull line
Garbodor line
Lanturn line
Crobat line
Tangrowth line
Whiscash line
Sudowoodo line
Probopass line
Seaking line
Floatzel line
Victreebell line
Armaldo line
Golduck line
Marowak line (kosuke)
Stoutland line
Liepard line
Ambipom line
Mamoswine line
Azumarill line
Ledian line
Roserade line
Kabutops line
Omastar line
Cradily line
Masquerain line (Pacifist)
Donphan line
Magikarp (no Gyarados, too overrated): (chuckleslucifer: Beastmode,)
Sandslah line
Dugtrio line
Flygon line
Reniculus line
Lanturn line (Cirno)
Honchkrow line (DarkEmeraldRarity)
Pachirisu (AlexOzzyCake)

Again, I will add any more Pokemon that are in your partner box thing, but are not in my list. I will also add your name next to your partner Pokemon on the list.

Founder: Creator of the thread, watches over chat, can do anything they please within the thread
Owner: Watches over chat, very very trusted by Founder, can promote members, can create contests or rules
Co-Owner: Can do anything the owner can do, besides promoting/demoting members and creating rules
Admin: Watches over chat, and can create contests

Everyone else!
Trusted: Trusted by Admin, Owner, Co-Owner and Founder, and can create contests
Friend: Has 2 + posts on the thread and is considered a friend by the Founder
Newbie: New member! YAAAAY!

Founder: Neosprin

Friend: Pacifist
Newbie: sasuke, chuckleslucifer, Cirno, AlexOzzyCake, DarkEmeraldRarity

Please post down below about your friendship with your partner, a recent adventure you had, and of course suggestions on which Pokemon to add to the list and why!

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