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SoulSilver Ground Monotype, Update #9

-Went through Routes 15 to 11, beating all the trainers there and gaining everyone some EXP.
-Went to Route 3 and entered Mt. Moon.
-Beat Merlin. He was pretty easy since I was a bit overleveled. Sneasel was busted by one Stone Edge from Marhaus, Magneton failed with Supersonic and died to an Earthquake, Alakazam used Reflect and disabled Earthquake, but I used Double-Edge to finish that off, Gengar took over half but then avoided a Stone Edge and beat Marhaus, but Lancelot finished that off. After was Typhlosion, who narrowly failed to beat Lancelot with Flamethrower before I killed him in one Earthquake (critical hit that I probably didn't need), and last was Golbat, who Lionel dispatched of with one Ice Fang.
-Went down Route 1 and arrived in Pallet Town.
-Went through Route 19 and arrived in Cinnabar Island.
-Went through Route 20 and entered Seafoam Islands.
-Beat all the trainers in the Gym.
-Challenged the Gym Leader, Blaine!

Cinnabar Gym overview:
Not even gonna bother posting a team overview, because Lionel (Level 55, Choice Scarf) was faster than all three of his Pokémon and killed them in one hit with Earthquake. In my Nuzlocke of this game, this was the easiest Gym, and it was also the easiest here. Only difference here was that Mamoswine also OHKOed the Rapidash, while there I had a Kingdra that used Dragon Dance twice then killed it.

-Returned to Cinnabar Island and met Blue, who returned to the Gym.
-Trained everyone to Level 56.
-Went to the Gym and beat all the trainers. None of them were hard, except the Double Team with an Azumarill and Porygon2 who were just infuriating.
-Challenged the Gym Leader, Blue!

Viridian Gym overview:
Team entering the fight: Lionel LV56 / NeverMeltIce - Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Earthquake, Mud-Slap
Lancelot LV56 / Leftovers - Dig, Earthquake, Crunch, Double-Edge
Rocky LV56 / Quick Claw - Dig, Double-Edge, Curse, Crunch
Marhaus LV56 / Silk Scarf - Stone Edge, Earthquake, Explosion, Double-Edge
Arcana LV57 / Amulet Coin - Surf, Earthquake, Mud Shot, Yawn
Gareth LV56 / Choice Scarf - Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Double Kick, Earth Power

He starts off with Exeggutor while I open with Lionel. I use Ice Fang, which kills him in one hit with a critical hit. I'm not sure if I needed that critical hit, but hey, you never know.
Next up is Arcanine. He gets off Intimidate, but I send in Marhaus as he uses Flare Blitz, which does 1/4 - not too bad. Him: 95% or so HP, Me: 126/171 HP. He uses Dragon Pulse, which does less than half, before I kill him with Earthquake. Me: 54/171 HP.
After that is - gulp - Gyarados. Not sure of if he'll use Dragon Dance or Waterfall, I stay in, and he uses Waterfall and kills me. I send in Gareth and use Thunderbolt, which…does not kill him! But he uses Dragon Dance. Him: 5% HP, +1 Attack and Speed. Okay, we're fine unless he's faster (which wouldn't be that surprising, Clair's was faster than Gareth but Lance's was slower, and i'm higher leveled here). He uses his Full Restore, but I use Thunderbolt again and knock him right back near where he was. I use Thunderbolt again, and I do outspeed him, finishing him off.
Following is Rhydon. Unfortunately, I have to switch there. I go into Arcana, and he uses Earthquake, which does less than half. Me: 100/187 HP. He's faster and hits me with it again, but I live and kill him in one hit with Surf. Me: 13/187 HP.
Next up we have Machamp, who kills me with Earthquake. I send in Lancelot just to see what he can do. Well, activate Sandstorm, that much is true. Haha, that rhymes. I use Earthquake, which does enough for a 2HKO, but he hits me with DynamicPunch, which, in addition to confusing me, gets a critical hit. Not cool! Him: 37% or so HP, Me: 69/195 HP and confused. I use a Full Restore just to see what he'll do, and he uses DynamicPunch again. Him: 31% or so HP, Me: 138/195 HP and confused. I decide, nah, i'm not taking the chance. I send in Rocky as he uses DynamicPunch again. Him: 1/4 or so HP, Me: 75/171 HP and confused. Unfortunately, he uses his Full Restore, and I…hit myself. Gee, sure didn't see that coming. Him: 15/16 HP, Me: 64/171 HP. I use a Lemonade before he uses Earthquake. Him: 7/8 HP, Me: 74/171 HP and confused. He kills me with DynamicPunch. Him: 13/16 HP. I send in Gareth and use Thunderbolt (in preparation for Pidgeot), but it does less than half and he uses Earthquake. Him: 60% or so HP, Me: 29/177 HP. I use a Fresh Water on Lancelot before he kills me with Stone Edge. I then send in Lancelot and kill him with Earthquake. Me: Full health.
Finally is his ace, Pidgeot. He uses Air Slash, which does around 1/3, while I hit him with Crunch for light damage. Him: 3/4 or so HP, Me: 147/195 HP. He uses Air Slash again, and I flinch. Him: 11/16 or so HP, Me: 99/195 HP. He uses Air Slash again, while I hit him with Double-Edge, and knock him to his Sitrus Berry. Him: 1/2 or so HP, Me: 32/195 HP. I send in Lionel as he uses Return, which…doesn't do too much. Me: 123/195 HP. I use Ice Fang and kill him, ending the battle.
That was a pretty good battle. Everyone did well (except Rocky, who did absolutely nothing) and although none of his guys were that hard, except Machamp (who was by far the hardest of his), it was fun. I don't know if I needed the critical hit on Exeggutor at the beginning, but if I did, then i'll be darned.

-Got HM08 for Rock Climb from Professor Oak and was invited to Mt. Silver.

Here's my team:
Golem (M) "Marhaus", Level 56
Nature: Brave
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Double-Edge, Earthquake, Explosion, Stone Edge

Quagsire (F) "Arcana", Level 57
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Earthquake, Mud Shot, Surf, Yawn

Steelix (M) "Rocky", Level 56
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Crunch, Dig, Double-Edge, Stone Edge

Nidoking (M) "Gareth", Level 56
Nature: Rash
Ability: Poison Point
Moves: Double Kick, Earth Power, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt

Mamoswine (M) "Lionel", Level 56
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Oblivious
Moves: Earthquake, Ice Fang, Ice Shard, Mud-Slap

Hippowdon (M) "Lancelot", Level 56
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Crunch, Dig, Double-Edge, Earthquake

Now I just have to beat Red for the challenge to be complete! I'm not sure when i'll take him on, I want to be at least Level 68-70, but it'll be tough. I still have a lot of training to do. I think i'll start White 2 before too long, though.
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