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    Originally Posted by Haliya View Post
    Hi lucbui !

    I really like your hack rom so I will post a reply here before I go to search the secret in Tunod this night :D ( It's 10 Pm in Belgium.)

    First the best for me in Glazed is the two region, i really like thats because is like "Two game in one" or "Two adventures in one game" for me.

    Then I appreciate that's is not too many bugs in the Rom Hack. Too many Hack ROM is unplayable because the bug is too big. The only problems I have seen are the cries of Pokemon. Some Pokemon are not good.

    I want to see the future release of Glazed, good luck :D

    Ps : I am sorry for my bad spelling, grammar and all that one can imagine, but I have really difficult because I don't really speak good English. ( My language is French.)
    Thanks for the kind words <3 I'm glad that people like it, even non-native speakers!

    Originally Posted by kwevlo View Post
    lucbui when can we expect the next version of this game?
    To be honest, for the remainder of Johto, I have to break my "three-gyms-per-public-beta" rule. So I decided to make this next beta contain everything to the Johto League. I've just finished Evergreen Town's maps, and I'm scripting the interior events now. All that's left is Ice Cave, Blackthorn City, The route to the league, Johto Victory Road, and the league itself. I'm hoping I can release the next beta before October, though.

    Originally Posted by Markopolo View Post
    is it possible to get an electivire??
    Yessir. Electivire evolves by Electabuzz w/ Trade Stone

    Originally Posted by chaos_evoys View Post
    Lucbui, i've beaten the tunod league a couple of times but my record is not recorded in my trainer card nor the hall of fame.. Is this a bug?
    One more thing, there is an endless luxury ball on kris's room.. Maybe this is also a bug.. And we don't have pokenav in this hack?
    This first isn't a bug, I'm sad to say. I didn't include this function because the special that writes the data to the PC is tied to the special that plays the credits. After you enter the hall of fame, your game is saved, the credits played, and the game essentially "reboots" itself. Since it saves, you can just load your save and keep playing. But many people have said that the game has errors saving, which means when the game reboots, you lose all your data. So I just cut out that part, since most people don't enjoy credits anyway.

    I was thinking about modifying the end scene to give you a choice in the matter, but I'm not entirely sure if it'll look good. If I can figure out a way to write the data, but not play the animation, that would be ideal. Sorry for the long-winded post xD.

    The infinite Luxury Ball is a bug, something I discovered about thirty seconds before reading this post. Thanks for posting it, though!

    Edit: No Pokenav either. I need all the trainers I can get, so I didn't want to have a ton of duplicates running around. It's also a pain to edit...I'm not even sure it can be done fully, yet.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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