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    I've come across a lot of people who like to critique the later generations compared to the earlier ones. Now, I don't agree with generation bashing or anything like that so I'm not asking for that here. What I was thinking though, was this.

    I found that the generation five characters were the most memorable. To me they seemed like real people within the games. They show a lot of different personality traits and such that were rarely present in older games, in my opinion. I can't say I disliked the story of the games either, but I didn't find that the games themselves had much going on until the very end for story-related events. Both the first and second versions of the games had great characters, as I said, but I found the story to have about one or two really immersive parts and the rest seemed to rely more on new Pokemon, new mechanics and those 1-2 strong events to hold the entire story together. So basically, the characters were very strong but I saw the story as kind of weak and not too easy to follow.

    I'm not saying this is makes them a bad addition to the Pokemon franchise or anything, but I definitely wish that the story would've expanded more on characters like Colress or N. Either way, fifth gen is one of my favorites due to said new characters and mechanics.

    What do you all think about it?
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