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    It's funny because I bought Pokemon Black on accident. I meant to buy White because of Zekrom. However, I was stupid enough to make the assumption that the Black Dragon would be in the Black version of the game. I neglected the whole Yin and Yang aspect of them and bought the wrong version.

    All it would've taken was a glance down, but I didn't bother, and by the time I realized it, I didn't really bother returning it, as White was out of stock by then anyways. So I played it. It's alright, but I really wanted to try Reinuclus, Braviary, and even to be able to capture Magnemite/Aron in the post-game playthrough.

    I righted myself by grabbing Black 2 when I was given the opportunity. I got my hands on Zekrom, which was a plus, and while the Pokemon might remain the same as Black 1, I was happy.

    So although I was silly enough to mix up the two, my vote remains with Pokemon White. I liked Opelucid's design, but after watching gameplay of White, I really liked the old fashioned look to Opelucid more.
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