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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Why are the Metallic Knights trio have "Metal" as a typing as opposed to Steel? It can't be a new type because of Steel's existence, so this rumor leaves me suspicious.
    Would depend on where they are translated/leaked from...two countries call Steel Type "Metal Type". Brazil and Portugal. Some translations for Steel type are Metal type as well. Though there are way too many "Fan Demands" in that leak for me to consider it to be true.

    Only one that's really a given is Fennekin's typing despite it being fan demanded. Chespin's typing is highly unlikely since Fennekin is pretty much going to be Psychic and I cannot see GF giving another starter an immunity to one of the others in its release set. For the sake of what they represent, it just goes against the very being of a starter.

    There are a lot of interesting ideas, but a few I've seen written seem like fan bait. Only one that really stood out since it went against Fan demand was Litleo staying Fire/Normal cause I think the fan demand was for him to evolve into a Fire/Poison Manticore...

    Oh and Clauncher evolving into a Water/Fire type since it conflicts with the early speculations of it evolving into an Electric type.

    Too many questionable spots to hold any water.

    For Mega Evolutions, I'm still expecting them to do what a majority of Form Changes do when Stats are involved and lower stats to boost others. I can see a great many of the Mega Pokemon getting some severe handicaps thanks to their boosts, like Mawile for instance, potentially losing both Speed or Attack to boost its Defenses up which would kinda seem like a waste. I'm expecting this to happen since this would be a typical gamefreak maneuver.
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