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Hello, Lightning here but you can call me Erica. My username... is not actually taken from the FF character who it turns out I'm not a huge fan of, lmao. I HAD THE NAME FIRST. :(

That is a lot of topics.

What is your favorite FF game?
Probably VI and XIII-2. The former for its story, music, and how it handled so many characters and the latter for the battle system.
Who is your favorite character?
Probably Zack or Aerith from VII/Crisis Core.
do you prefer the Classics of recent remakes?
I haven't played a lot of the original games so I might go ahead and say the remakes because it makes them a lot more accessible.
Do you like the original medieval volumes to the newer modern volumes?
I don't really have a preference, honestly. Outside of video games, I tend to prefer sci-fi because it's more relatable but I enjoy both in games a lot. I think I prefer the more modern/futuristic settings, though. They generally feel more creative to me, I think.
What is your favorite spin off game?
Oh man, I don't know. D: I love Crisis Core, Theatrhythm and Dissidia so much. CC probably had the most powerful ending of anything I've ever played (or read or seen, for that matter) but I can spend hours and hours with the other two. They have such excellent replayability.
Do you think the series is dying? (looking at you XIII)
Not at all.
Do you plan to play FF realm reborn or already playing it?
:( I kind of wanna play it but I haven't heard much good feedback about it--none of my friends who paid for it can ever seem to get on the server.
Do you think Cloud killed Aerith by drowning her by accident because he presumed she was dead?
Lmao oh my god. :( That would be so depressing.
Do you want the 4 heroes of light tradition to come back? (imagine that in some of the newer games :D)
To be honest, I've never managed to finish a game that follows this trend before. 8/ It doesn't appeal to me much but I think it'd be interesting to see if they could try that in one of those more modern settings!
What was the hardest boss to defeat?
That boss at the end of the 100-level dungeon in X-2. D8 I was stuck on it for YEARS before I finally beat it. (I needed to do it before I restarted my game to get 100% or I'd have had to climb down to the 100th level all over again on my NG+ and I did nooot want to do that.)
When did you find the series?
...the first FF game I ever played was X-2. SOMEHOW I MANAGED TO PLAY THE ONLY DIRECT SEQUEL IN THE WHOLE SERIES BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Thankfully, I really liked it so I decided to play some of the others. So it kind of makes me sad when people talk about how awful X-2 is because it got me into the games and I'll always have a soft spot for it. Doesn't hurt that after XIII, X-2 probably has my favourite battle system of all the FFs.