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Won't affect me (and never would have because I joined PC after I was already 13) but the fact that the staff are suddenly enforcing it kinda bugs me. I've never agreed with the law and I remember it was the bane of my existence on the internet before I was "of age" so my kneejerk reaction--even over a decade later--is utmost annoyance to see the acronym COPPA. I hated having to enter my birthdate wrong every time I'd sign up on a forum. And I'd always sign up with a fake birthdate because why would a stupid little rule like that stop me? So I know every other kid on the internet does it too.

>_> Pretty sure PC's had admins that weren't even 13 yet (or at least, had only just turned 13 by the time they got the position) so obviously age isn't that great of a benchmark for whether or not someone is ready to be online. I know it's the only one that can really be enforced in legal situations requiring maturity but this isn't being carded for M video games and it isn't ordering alcohol when you look young. It's just such a frustratingly stupid law and I can't imagine it actually does any good on the internet. The only kids who'd actually bother leaving a site or not registering (or asking their parents) are probably sensible enough to be using the internet anyway and all the others are signing up with fake ages which you can't validate anyway so whyyyy even bother?

All that said, it is a US law and PC's servers are located in the US so I believe PC must be held subject to US law. There's so little chance PC would ever be targeted for not following it but if it ever were, to my knowledge the site could be shut down. (It absolutely wouldn't be worth fighting for it, money-wise. :/) So to that end I can't argue with the decision to uphold COPPA. I just wish it didn't have to be a decision at all.