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    I agree about the legendaries. That's why I made it so it was only semi-legendaries you can have. Those types are pretty easy to defeat depending on your Pokemon. I often have a hard time in-game not defeating them, since I catch all my legendaries with Ultra Balls. I have to use my weakest attack most of the time to keep from making them faint. So I wouldn't worry about them being too powerful. Probably the most powerful out of them would be [email protected] and even that's debatable considering Latias's emotions often get the best of her and keep her from reaching full potential. The strongest would be Latios and even he could be defeated if you went after his sister. So.

    Sorry for my short disappearance and the fact I'm taking forever for my sign-up. I had a few things happen the past few days that prohibited me from really getting on here. Life as an independent adult with a roommate definitely has its perks but it has its drawbacks too. D;
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