Thread: Emerald hack: Pokémon Glazed! (Beta 7 Released!)
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Originally Posted by chaos_evoys View Post
@Lucbui, i agree about pokenav.. Every hacks I play have incomplete pokenav where the trainer rematches location are always wrong.. But Lucbui, without pokenav, we can't rebattle the gym leaders.. I like the idea to rebattle the gym leaders in emerald where the rebattle is a 2 on 2 battle..

Oh yea, when will mew obey me? I caught it at the first time I encounter it..

About the tunod league saves, have you tried it before and the game corrupts the save?
I've implemented a different way to rematch Gym Leaders

What do you mean, caught it? There's never a point you battle Mew and are able to catch it o-o

The game doesn't corrupt the save, it just can't save. It tries to save, says it fails, and keeps on going with the script.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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