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I've only played from Gen III...and I think caves in Emerald were definitely the hardest - Dewford Cave and Victory Road are quite confusing due to the poor Flash radius.
In LeafGreen I found Mount Moon to be ok, Victory Road to be decent but Rock Tunnel was really hard - although that might have been because I didn't have Flash.

But recently I've found all the aforementioned caves much easier. I'd say the Gen IV and V ones are a bit harder - Victory Road in Black stands out - Sinnoh and Johto Victory Road maps are fairly easy to navigate. Mount Mortar always gets me a bit too, but tbh the hardest cave to navigate is probably Cerulean Cave. It's fairly simple in principle - a few ladders and a rock maze, but it's very confusing in practicality. In Gen III it's hard, and I somehow find it even harder in Gen IV.
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