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    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

    Super-Awesome sidequests that totally hypes all concerned. What's better? I mean, it gives the game more than just a "beat the gyms & elite four then boo-yeah" look.

    Nuff said.
    For those who like contests, the Hoenn ones are the best, but I believe GF felt the contests were sort of uninteresting to hardcore players and nerfed them already in Emerald - notice how they moved all to one city instead of being widespread and giving some utility to cities without gyms.

    I think that, if they're going to implement contests again, there should be a bigger reward for winning them all. The way they were in RSE and DPPt, there was hardly any incentive to winning them.

    Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post
    Like many others, I would want the follow-me feature to be implemented. When I learned that it wasn't in B/W I was disappointed. The fact that it wasn't in B2/W2 was even more disappointing. Also auto running shoes. having to go back to always pressing 'B' again was a pain.
    This isn't directed only at yourself, but why do people want this feature to come back? It was almost useless in HGSS and well, it wasn't implemented the way I think it should have. Before playing the game, I thought you could choose any Pokémon in your party to follow you, not just the lead. I didn't want my following Pokémon to change with my lead.

    That, and Honchkrow's sprite wasn't a flying one, which I can't forgive GF for.

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, the day Pokémon pulled a Dallas and jumped the shark.
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