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Ooh. A Final Fantasy fan club? Count me in. :D


What is your favorite FF game?
Final Fantasy V holds a special place in my heart, and will always be my favourite. VI would be close second though.
Who is your favorite character?
Gilgamesh. Even if he isn't playable, he's hilarious.
do you prefer the Classics of recent remakes?
The recent remakes have honestly made some of them more enjoyable. I myself would always prefer a remake to Final Fantasy 1 than the NES version.
Do you like the original medieval volumes to the newer modern volumes?
I'm fine with both actually. However, I do wish sometimes that elements in the world are consistent. (like having a space ship in IV was kinda wtf.)
What is your favorite spin off game?
Do you think the series is dyeing? (looking at you XIII)
I think the series is slowly recovering from the whole XIII debacle.
Do you plan to play FF realm reborn or already playing it?
I got into the third phase of the Beta, and I enjoyed it. But I don't see myself playing it.
Did you get into the Beta for FF Realm Reborn? (I DID :D)
Do you think Cloud killed Aerith by drowning her by accident because he presumed she was dead?
Do you want the 4 heroes of light tradition to come back? (imagine that in some of the newer games :D)
I would love for it to come back. But, it would seem that Squeenix hates the Four Heroes of Light archetype, and would rather save it for spinoffs and such.
What was the hardest boss to defeat?
Omega Weapon in V.
When did you find the series?

I found the series when I was a lot younger, like 5 or 6. And my brother had gotten his old SNES with Final Fantasy III (VI) back from our auntie, and I just watched him play it.