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    Originally Posted by EJ Nero View Post
    Regarding the story, it was great as a whole. I loved the whole truth vs. ideals regarding Reshiram and Zekrom. Plasma was somewhat lame though. Their whole goal of pokemon liberation wasn't a bad idea so to speak, it just didn't move me as much as Rocket and Magma/Aqua did in the previous gens.
    Team Plasma, and specifically N, were the first villains in a pokemon game that actually made me reflect on pokemon. When the Nugget Bridge invited us to join Team Rocket in Kanto, sure many of us would actually consider it, but those who did could say it was explicitly because they wanted to join the "dark side." All they did was steal money and pokemon. But in Black/White, the villain's mission isn't (pardon the cliché) black and white, because they brought up and addressed points in which people today still criticize pokemon on.

    In response to the OP, I think Colress should have been expanded on, but N was already one of the most expanded characters in both Black/White 1 and 2.
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