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What sort of magic is it that you use?
Whatever is necessary at the time. I actually prefer to do things by hand and only use it as a last result. Most recently I improvised this big fireball thing (it was kinda cool really but left me rather tired).

Do you think some of your interest in Earth's people and their cultures might have come from your father's work as a historian? I can see there might be an anthropological link there.
Possibly, he was always immersed in his work. We were never particularly close though and unlike my father I prefer to immerse myself in the present than ponder how things used to be.

Why were you chosen to be made a reaper? Did you ever find out why the guy with the knife suddenly turned up and saved you?
I don't know why I was chosen, usually the reasoning for this is a useful set of skills, knowledge or an aptitude for the supernatural. As for why knife-guy (no, I never did learn his name) saved me. I thought it was obvious, he was a reaper and the reason he was there was to collect me.

I have no idea what a demon was doing there, but they do seem to show up around soon-to-be-reapers from my experience.

For a person born in 1916, you certainly seem to have abandoned the mannerisms and costume of your time pretty completely. Has that just happened with the passing centuries, or did you make a conscious choice to differentiate your new self from your mortal past?
These things slip away naturally over time. Others however seem to have changed less over time that I have. I suspect that my readiness to change has come from my preference to continue moving forward and to immerse myself in my current life rather than dwell on the past.

Is giving this interview entirely wise? Given that your job description is essentially to stop people knowing too much, aren't you giving a bit much away? You seem pretty loose-lipped for someone in such a secretive field, I suppose.
Well... the Grim's probably wouldn't be overly happy about it if they knew... which they probably do. But as it stands nobody is likely to believe a word of this anyway, and if someone were to recognise this as the truth in a way that would cause problems we'd just have to deal with them - that is my job after all. I still should start working on an excuse to give the grims though...


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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