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MrDollSteak's Decap. and Attack Rombase (Version 1.5a)


This is a rombase for Fire Red.

I was inspired after being involved with the 'Move Resources Thread' to make a patch that includes all these moves for new hackers who aren't comfortable with hex editing yet, or for those who just haven't yet been bothered to expand all the tables, and even people who are capable of doing so, but don't want to do it all again for a new hack. When repointing the relevant tables and adding all the new move information I also decided to put all of them in lower case to match the Gen 5 games. As such I decided to decapitalise the whole rom.

Overview of Features:

- Decapitalisation
The game is now almost entirely decapitalised, this includes oft-overlooked menu buttons and header instructions.
The few exceptions are actual graphics that act as buttons eg. the Pokemon types that show up.
A few more ones I may not have noticed may also been in there so please point those out.

- Pokedex Fixes
A few new Pokedex features, including Hackmew's pokedex glitch fix, and general changes to dex entries.
I've replaced a few of the ridiculous ones (Raichu, Gastly I'm looking at you) and the just plain odd ones (Kadabra).

- Physical/Special/Status Split
Credits to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for his patch.

- Physical/Special/Status Split Icons
Credits to Darthatron for his original routine, and Jambo51 for its improvement.

- 131 New Gen 4 and 5 moves, with space for 26 custom moves
All these moves have relevant animations, effects and descriptions.
Credits to Jambo51 for his research into adding new moves, Itman for his tutorial, Chaos Rush for his thread on creating new animations and researching into how to expand the animation background table, which Tajaros later converted into a tutorial.
Credits to the 'Move Resources Thread' and all its contributors. Kurapika also made a few effects that are used, and also safely repointed the Soundproof table to allow for custom moves to be blocked by the ability.

- Updated Move Effects, Base Power and Accuracy for existing moves
All moves from the original games that have received new base powers and effects in new games have been edited to reflect these changes. Thanks to KDS, Spherical Ice and mamamama for some updated effects

- Updated Movesets for Pokemon
All 386 Pokemon have updated movesets to match their BW2 and XY ones as closely as possible.

- Sound Moves hit through Substitute
As of 1.3b, just like in Pokemon X and Y, Sound moves hit through substitutes.

- New Abilities
As of 1.5a, there are about 60 new abilities from Gens IV-VI!
Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for pointing me in the direction of how to create the new abilities he made for YAFRH.
I would also like to thank him for getting me started on making new abilities.
Thanks are also needed for Jambo51 and Karatekid552 for the abilities contained in the 649 patch which I have ported and edited to get working.

- New Items
New to 1.4 is the addition of a few new items, namely the Choice Specs, Choice Scarf and Assault Vest.
I'd like to thank Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for explaining item checks to me, and giving me his Choice Specs implementation which I expanded to include the Choice Scarf.
New to 1.5 is the Eviolite

- The Fairy Type!
New to 1.1 is the Fairy Type! Unlike other hacks, the Fairy type does not replace the ??? type, meaning struggle still works perfectly.
Currently all Pokemon have been correctly retconned (including Mr. Mime) and the same can be said for moves.
The Fairy-type moves from XY have also been included although due to XY's increased name slots, they've been given different names.
Another feature is the inclusion of the Fairy-type into the in-game Type Matchup List in the Help System.
While the Help System is often neglected it can be a good reminder of what is effective against Fairies.
As of 1.3 the 'Type Mode' aspect of the Pokedex has been fixed so that Fairy Pokemon have their own sections!


- Examples of Decapitalisation

- New Moves

- PSS Icons and Move Descriptions

- Fairy Type

Things to note:

The game leaves all Firered Scripts untouched, so the game itself can be played should you just want Fire Red with decapitalisation, the PSS and Gen 4 and 5 moves and abilities.

I will often be updating this Rombase with new moves, effects, animations and abilities, once I make them. As such if you want to make custom moves; start from the back of the list, so future patches don't conflict. I will likely leave space for at least 20 new moves, so bear that in mind.

This base IS compatible with Jpan's Hacked Engine. Though you will need to apply this rombase FIRST, otherwise the decapitalised scripts will overwrite the free space and various tables in there.
This base IS NOT compatible with hacks that are in progress.
This base IS NOT compatible with YAPE, if you want to edit moves or Pokemon, you will have to use G3HS, G3T or Pokemon Game Editor.
In order to maximise compatibility with G3HS, I have changed the name of the rom from BPRE to MrDS, this means it WILL NOT WORK in any romhacking tool except for G3HS UNLESS you change it back AFTER opening it in G3HS!

To do this open the rom up in a Hex Editor and change the bytes at 0x0000AC to say BPRE and NOT MrDS.

The ini for G3HS has been UPDATED so you will need to REPLACE it with the one I provide in the download.
-Natural Cure is broken
- Magic Bounce can cause errors when used by opposing Pokemon in Trainer battles
- Infiltrator and Magic Guard are not 100% complete
- A few moves do not have their correct effects (such as Tailwind)
- Sticky Web occasionally does some odd things
- The Life Orb and Rocky Helmet are not fully implemented yet
- Flash Cannon's animation may cause the game to freeze on hardware and GBA4IOS (not an issue with VBA)
- Lunar Dance and Healing Wish currently don't do anything due to a revamp of the hazards system
- Solid Rock, Filter and Tinted Lens don't always work correctly (weakening or strengthening neutral moves)
- Day Care on Four Island is bugged
- Various text errors with a few abilities (such as Snow Warning, Moody has a particularly bizarre one)
- Gooey and Geomancy create an endless loop
- Shedinja doesn't take burn or poison damage
- The AI is dumb

Natural Cure -
Download -
Cursed Body -
Day Care -
Sand Force - Place 06 at 0x890CAB4
Flash Text -
Solid Rock, Tinted Lens and Filter Fix -
BerrIES fix - Place DD D9 E7 at 0x83A72A2

G3HS - Karatekid552 (Such a fantastic tool for editing Pokemon!)
Pokemon Game Editor - Gamer2020 (This is the best tool for editing moves at the moment)
Decapitalisation - MrDollSteak
Pokedex Glitch Fix - Hackmew
Physical/Special/Status Split - Doesntknowhowtoplay
PSS Icons - Darthatron, Jambo51
Extended Move Table - Jambo51, Itman
Extended Move Effect Table - Jambo51, Itman
Extended Move Background Table - Chaos Rush, Tajaros
Extended Soundproof Table - Kurapika
New Moves - Contributors to '4th&5th Gen. Move Resources', MrDollSteak, Jambo51,Chaos Rush, KDS, mamamama... (to name a few)
Extended Ability Table - MrDollSteak
New Movesets - MrDollSteak
New Abilities - Doesn'tknowhowtoplay, Karatekid552, Jambo51, HidoranBlaze, KDS and MrDollsteak
New Items - Doesn'tknowhowtoplay, MrDollSteak, HidoranBlaze, KDS
Fairy-Type - MrDollSteak
Bug Finding and Fixing- Mystery Man, Doom Chaos, Chrunch, Noossab Blue, The Shiny Ho-Oh, Projectwolfie, Aidane154 and Doesn'tknowhowtoplay, NewDenverCity, Exodrake and others

Download Link:
Fire Red:
Version 1.5a(Mediafire)

Table Locations.txt
G3HS ini (PokeRoms.ini located in the folder G3HS ini)
G3T ini (MrDS.ini located in the folder G3T ini)
PGE ini (roms.ini located in the folder PGE ini)
UTE ini (TrainerEditor.ini located in the folder UTE ini)

If you have already applied Version 1.5 use the .ips patch located in the folder "1.5 Update".

As of January 2016 the PGE ini will no longer work, follow the instructions at this post. Thanks to Gamer2020 for both updating PGE and fixing the ini for me

Here is the list of offsets for various tables in this patch should you wish to expand them further.

Here is the list of insert locations for the various ASM routines in this patch should you wish to replace them.

Version 1.5a
- Fixed Motor Drive, Mummy and Aftermath
- Fixed Toxic Spikes
- Fixed Choice Items
- Fixed problems with Clefairy and the Ralts line Pokemon data
- Fixed a bug with the Day Care script (credits to FBI and Chaos Rush for identifying the problem)
- Milotic now has Cute Charm as its secondary ability
- Fixed Shiny particle and Safari particle palettes (Thanks to Criminon for reporting the bug)
- Rough Skin now does 1/8 damage (Credits to HidoranBlaze)
- Added Dark Aura, Fairy Aura, Aura Break, Normalize, Aerilate, Refrigerate, Pixilate and Moxie (Credits to KDS for Moxie)
- Added Black Sludge (Credits to KDS for the code)

Version 1.5
- Added Gen V and VI style Egg moves!
- Added new moves Shift Gear, Geomancy, Flower Shield, Rototiller, Sticky Web, Stored Power, Acupressure, Assurance and Punishment
- Tweaked a few movesets to include the new moves
- Added Mummy (Thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Added Storm Drain and Updated Lightningrod (Thanks to Jambo51, Doesntknowhowtoplay and Karatekid552)
- The patch should now work better with G3HS
- Improved and updated many new and old move effects
- All moves have had their power and accuracy changed to match Gen VI
- Fixed bugs with U-Turn and Volt Switch's move effects
- Toxic now has 100% accuracy for Poison Types
- Fixed bugs with Victory Star
- Fixed bugs with Regenerator (Thanks to Doesntknowhowtoplay)
- Magic Guard now protects against Recoil and Crash damage
- Fixed a bug with attack boosts (Thanks to aidane154 for reporting it)
- Added Eviolite
- Fixed bugs with Choice Scarf
- Improved Play Rough and Drain Kiss's animations (Credits to Tlachtli for his Emerald animations which I ported)
- Fixed Charming Cry's animation
- Fixed bug with Move Relearner
- Fixed Weather Abilities and entry hazards
- Removed the Remove Fairy patch

Version 1.4a
- Fixed bugs with Sheer Force, Sand Force, Solar Power, Dry Skin and Sniper (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for finding so many of these issues)
- Added Mega Launcher, Tough Claws, Strong Jaw and Victory Star (Thanks Jambo51 for Victory Star)
- Fixed a bug with Poison damage
- Blizzard now has 100% accuracy in Hail, and Hurricane has 100% accuracy in Rain
- Fixed a bug with Miracle Eye
- Charmander now has its normal Speed stat again (the slow speed was for testing porpoises)
- Extensive miscellaneous decapitalisation

Version 1.4
- Fixed Game breaking glitch with Bait in the Safari Zone
- Added Aftermath, Cursed Body, Gooey and Iron Barbs (Thanks to Jambo51 for giving me help)
- Added Sand Rush and Analytic (Thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Added No Guard (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay)
- Fixed text bugs with Motor Drive, Sap Sipper and Snow Warning
- Fixed bugs with Speed Boost and Poison Heal (Thanks to Noossab Blue for reporting them to me)
- Sand Force now correctly protects you from Sand Damage
- Added Incinerate, Worry Seed, Gastro Acid and Boomburst
- Fixed a few movesets to incorporate the extra moves
- Fixed a bug with Sucker Punch
- Knock Off now matches its Gen VI Buff
- Miracle Eye now works exactly as intended
- New Move Animations for Stone Edge, Moon Blast
- Fixed a bug with Lunar Dance's Animation
- Decapitalised a lot of miscellaneous things
- New Items! So far the Choice Specs, Choice Scarf and Assault Vest (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for explaining item checks to me)
- Fixed a bug with Quick Claw

Version 1.3b
- Fixed Game breaking glitch with Shinies
- Added Magic Guard, Overcoat, Infiltrator, Gale Wings, Bulletproof
- Sound moves now pass through Substitutes
- Decapitalised a few more things in the battle system
- Improved the Howtosetupfairytype.txt file to include the offsets of the current Fairy types for removal

Version 1.3a
- Fixed bug with Dry Skin
- Fixed bug with Poison Heal (Thanks Karatekid you awesome mod you)
- Fixed bug with Sucker Punch and Brine
- Added Sap Sipper!
- Decapitalised a few things in the Marts that I had missed
- Fixed a bug with Camouflage's move effect
- Sadly, I've removed Diego's Font Patch from the Rombase, as there were a few complaints about alignment
- Renamed the patch 'MrDollSteak's Decap. and Attack Rombase' to reflect my name change

Version 1.3
- Correctly changed retconned Hoenn Pokemon to the Fairy Type
- Fixed the Type Mode section of the Pokedex so that Fairies are in the proper areas
- Added new movesets for Hoenn Pokemon
- Added a lot of new abilities! (Huge, Huge thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Added Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes! (Huge, Huge thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Added Healing Wish and Lunar Dance! (Huge, Huge thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Fixed a few improperly capitalised words in the battle system
- Fixed the give multiple item string so it no longer has a capital S at the end

Version 1.2
- Fixed some more Glitches with the Fairy type, namely move text and type effectiveness
- Added the Fairy type to the Type Matchup List in the Help System
- Fixed the Type Matchup List in terms of entries and ordering, they are now ordered by hex number
- Correctly change retconned Kanto and Johto Pokemon to the Fairy type
- Reintroduced the 'Remove Fairy Patch'
- Added new abilities (Big thanks to Kurapika!)
- Added new movesets for Johto Pokemon
- Added new particles and animations for some moves, like Water Gun and Hydro Pump
- Added a few new moves such as 'Copycat', 'Sucker Punch' (Thanks Kurapika!), and a bunch of Fairy moves
- Decapitalised a few more things in the Help system

Version 1.1a:
- Fixed a glitch relating to the Fairy type
- Fixed a glitch with Camouflage
- Added proper move descriptions to Bug Bite and Pluck
- Fixed a few capitalised words
- Removed 'Remove Fairy Patch.ips' as it would be more appropriate for the next update, and ultimately means less patches in a file

Version 1.1:
- Updated movesets for Kanto Pokemon based upon BW2 movesets
- A few new moves such as 'Wood Hammer', 'Flash Cannon' and 'Shell Smash'
- New abilities! 'Technician', 'Motor Drive' and 'Multiscale' (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay!)
- Decapitalised things that I missed, primarily in scripts, items and battle scripts
- Fixed a bug in which HM moves wouldn't show up in the Pokemon menus
- PSS Icons and Routine moved from the C00100 to the 95F800 range for efficiency
- Extended Particle table from 960000 to 9619FF
- Fairy Type! (A patch will be included to remove it, should you not want it)