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    Originally Posted by Le pug View Post

    I opened it again in advancemap 1.95 to see if 1.92 was the problem and the above image is from 1.95.
    when opened in 1.92, all the maps that are in banks after 3 are completely gone but in 1.95, the connection list shows they are still there.

    i created new maps by Insert Map > Create New Space > 1 Reserved map

    and it would work. I could change anything on them and go back and forth between maps. Then I was working on a map, went to header and changed the height by like 4 units and every map went to "create new map" and now there is only 3 banks... and all the maps are apparently still there which is good because if they weren't, i'd quit for good lol. but however i can't figure why that happened and how to fix it.

    don't see why people love fire red so much, it sucks imo. I can't even save a block tileset and and tileset 2 and the palettes for it and, yeah it'll insert the tileset 2 and palettes but when you insert the block tileset it just looks like a bunch of crap, even though all parameters match.
    For the whole map thing, Generally you want to stay away from creating new maps because it can cause things to get a bit screwy sometimes. Instead, just edit existing maps that you know you aren't going to be using.

    Are these block tilesets the ones from Ruby (or another game)? If that's the case, then it won't work because Fire Red's block sizes are different than that of Ruby. I may be wrong though, I haven't done mapping in a while. :X