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    August 19, 2013

    Dream World 2: Numel, gained a level. Found nothing new.

    Professor Fennel said that her current research with the Dream Mist and the Dream World is starting to wind down, so I’ll only be able to access the Dream World with my Pokémon for a short while longer. That said, I am going to focus on finding the remaining Pokémon that I’d like to catch. I hope to at least complete my White Entralink, as I only need 6 more Pokémon there.

    After retrieving my three Pokémon that battled at the gym yesterday from Nurse Joy, I congratulated them one more time, then sent Pinsir and Mamoswine to Professor Juniper. It’s time for one final rotation of all the Pokémon I caught in my second Unova journey. I selected Sunflora, Skitty, Roselia, Skorupi, and Remoraid. Time to train them one last time and help them evolve… wait. Something occurred to me suddenly. Thankfully I realized I was about to make a grave mistake. I contacted the professor and switched out Skorupi for my Mantyke. Have to make sure I do things in the correct order!

    August 20, 2013

    Dream World: Stoutland. Found: nothing new; female Psyduck with the ability Swift Swim.
    Dream World 2: Spoink. Found: Duosion that knows the move Trick.

    I was in a double battle with my Mantyke and Remoraid. We were battling a duo of Ducklett. My Remoraid leapt out of the water and attached to Mantyke’s wing, and Mantyke started to evolve! After it finished becoming a Mantine, Remoraid detached from its wing, and also started to evolve as it hit the water. It’s now Octillery!

    “Mantine, the Kite Pokémon, and the evolved form of Mantyke. Mantine elegantly swim in the sea. If they build up enough speed swimming, they can fly over 300 feet out of the water from the surface of the ocean. Remoraid tend to cling to their fins seeking food scraps.”

    “Octillery, the Jet Pokémon, and the evolved form of Remoraid. Octillery love to lurk inside holes in rocks. They sometimes spray ink on prey by sticking out only their mouths before attacking.”

    257. Mantine

    258. Octillery

    August 22, 2013

    Dream World: Simisage. Found: nothing new; female Makuhita with the ability Sheer Force.

    August 23, 2013

    Dream World 2: Drifblim. Found: female Emolga with the ability Motor Drive.

    August 24, 2013

    Dream World: Simisear. Found: nothing new; female Mantine with the ability Water Veil.
    Dream World 2: Shuppet. Found: female Duosion with the ability Regenerator.

    I was training the team around Undella Town. It was a beautiful day; clear skies, no humidity, nice and warm with a gentle breeze (really, that’s the weather today)! I decided it was time to offer a certain two Pokémon the option to evolve. I laid a Moon Stone and a Shiny Stone on the ground. My Skitty and my Roselia eagerly touched the respective stones, and both evolved! I already saw a Delcatty back in Castelia City, but my Roserade is the first I’ve seen in Unova, so I scanned it with my Pokédex.

    “Roserade, the Bouquet Pokémon, and the evolved form of Roselia. Roserade use poison whips on their arms to poison, bind, and finish off prey that they lure with a sweet scent. Each of their hands contains different toxins, but both hands can jab with near-fatal power.”

    259. Delcatty

    260. Roserade

    August 30, 2013

    One of my good friends just recently became a Pokémon trainer, and started his journey in Unova. I helped teach him the ropes by having a few Pokémon battles with him. At the end of the day, I was awarded with a new medal towards the Medal Rally!

    Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 82/107
    New Medals:
    Link Battle Amateur

    August 31, 2013

    Dream World: Zebstrika. Found: nothing new; a female Girafarig with the ability Sap Sipper.
    Dream World 2: Wingull. Found: Emolga that knows Air Slash.

    September 1, 2013

    Dream World: Audino. Found: nothing new; Togepi that can use the move Lucky Chant.
    Dream World 2: Lunatone. Found: nothing new.

    I took my current team of Pokémon out for one last round of training this morning, and then said my good-byes. They all worked really hard, but it is now time for Sunflora, Delcatty, Roserade, Mantine, and Octillery to be retired. I sent them to Professor Juniper, and asked her to send the next set of five Pokémon to me. This time, it was Ampharos, Lopunny, Vespiquen, Skorupi, and Staryu.

    I went to talk to Drayden about Team Plasma and what they might possibly be after. He said he had some thoughts, and told me a bit about the legends of Unova.

    “It was two years ago when the two dragon Pokémon were awakened,” began Drayden. “The white dragon Pokémon, Reshiram, sought what is true, with the desire to usher in a new world of goodness. And the black dragon Pokémon, Zekrom, pursued what is ideal, with the desire to usher in a new world of hope. Reshiram and Zekrom were once a single Pokémon.”

    “Ok, this much I remember from last time,” I said.

    “Yes, but let me explain why it split into two,” the gym leader continued. “The single dragon Pokémon had helped the twin heroes bring a new region into being. But the twin heroes--the younger brother who sought ideals and the older brother who sought the truth--sundered the region in two as they fought to see which of them was right. In that desperate hour, the single dragon Pokémon split its body into a white Pokémon and a black Pokémon, even though ideals and truth don't need to be in opposition!”

    Drayden paused a moment, and appeared deep in thought. I didn’t verbalize it, but so far I remember that part of the story too.

    Drayden finally spoke. “As the story goes, a third dragon Pokémon, Kyurem, also came into existence in that era.”

    My eyes widened. “Another legendary dragon Pokémon?”

    “Yes,” Drayden replied. “And there may be proof of this to be found in a treasure passed down in my family for generations: the DNA Splicers. Professor Juniper's research determined that the materials in the splicers date back to the same era as the materials used in building the Dragonspiral Tower.”

    “So is that what Team Plasma is after?” I asked. “Where is this relic now?”

    “Oh, the DNA Splicers are stored very safely. I guard them because I don't know what kind of power might lie within them. But here's what's been bothering me… Could there be one more dragon Pokémon? Even if Kyurem really exists, we don't know what kind of Pokémon it is. For starters, the two Pokémon the ancient Pokémon split into are both overwhelmingly powerful. So if Kyurem exists, could it be just a husk, nothing but a shell that was left over?”

    “So this ties into the legend I heard back in Lacunosa Town,” I added. “Interesting.”

    Suddenly, we heard an explosion coming from outside! We ran out to see what the commotion was. Once outside, we looked up and saw a huge airship firing chucks of ice at Opelucid City. As they hit, large sections of the street and surrounding buildings froze in pillars of ice. The city was being encased in ice!

    “We must stop this!” yelled Drayden. “Go, Haxorus! Use Dragon Tail to smash those ice pillars!”

    Drayden’s powerful Pokémon began beating on the ice.

    “Let’s help out, Grimer!” My Pokémon jumped towards a section of the ice. “Break it with Ice Punch!”

    Grimer struck the ice, but it didn’t even crack it.

    “That’s some strong ice!” I pulled out a Poké Ball and a Dream Ball. “Well, rock-type and steel-type moves are strong against ice, so go, Ampharos and Staryu! Use Power Gem and Gyro Ball!”

    My Pokémon continued to attack, but the result was the same.

    “I don’t think that is going to work,” came a familiar voice. Drayden and I looked over in the direction of the voice.

    “Zinzolin!” I exclaimed.

    “I remember you from N’s castle two years ago,” added Drayden.

    Zinzolin appeared from the ice surrounded by Team Plasma grunts. He shivered as he addressed us. “It's bitter cold. I'm suffering, but I'm alive! It's what the essence of life feels like! It's proof of my existence! But that's enough of philosophy. Here are the facts for your admiration: This ice was specially created by Team Plasma's technology. As long as we have our secret weapon, you'll never be able to melt or break this ice!”

    “Secret weapon?” My Pokémon surrounded me a though to protect me as I spoke.

    Zinzolin seemed to ignore me. “Let me explain our purpose here. Drayden, hand over the DNA Splicers! Opelucid City is a city where the past and the future are entwined. Could there be a more perfect place for the splicers that connect the separated Pokémon?”

    “If I had what you speak of, I wouldn’t dare hand them over to you!” Drayden spoke as he stood his ground with Haxorus by his side.

    “That's what I thought you'd say,” Zinzolin replied. “At this point, I'd like to threaten you with another volley of ice, but we can't use it for a moment. My fellow Plasma members will search this city for them then.”

    “Foul villains!” Drayden yelled. Then he turned to me. “Steve, help me drive them from this city!”

    “With pleasure!” I said as I sent out the rest of my Pokémon. We battled as many Team Plasma grunts as we could find. As we defeated them, they ran back to their ship. Finally, I came face to face with Zinzolin in front of the gym.

    “Apparently you don’t remember the lesson I taught you back in Lacunosa Town!” I sounded arrogant, but my Pokémon were getting pretty worn out from all the other battles.

    And so we battled. It was not easy. He had an extra Cryogonal with him this time. And for his final Pokémon… aw, nuts, his Sneasel evolved!

    “Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Sneasel. Weavile communicate by clawing signs into boulders and work together to surround enemies. Evolution made them even more devious.”

    Still, we were able to eventually drive off Team Plasma. They seemed to retreat to their Plasma Frigate and they took off. Once they were gone, Drayden rushed to the Opelucid Gym. When he emerged, he was holding a strange item.

    “These are the DNA Splicers!” Drayden explained. “This is what they were after! We're really fortunate Team Plasma didn't get their hands on them! I don't know what their goal is, but I'm sure they're planning something wicked.”

    The surprises weren’t over yet. Out of the shadows appeared the Shadow Triad! They snatched the DNA Splicers and disappeared back into the shadows. Drayden and I pursued them. I caught up with one of the triad, and battled him. Unfortunately, he did not have the DNA Splicers, and actually admitted that he was a diversion while the others got away.

    Drayden and I were left unsure what to do. Just then, Cheren showed up out of the blue. He said that there is an area to the east that is experiencing extreme cold. He said that Hugh was already there investigating, and I said I would go and join him. Drayden said to head for Humilau City, which can be reached by taking the Marine Tube from Undella Town.

    So, after letting my Pokémon recover at the Pokémon Center, I left Opelucid City and crossed Village Bridge, returning to Undella Town. The Marine Tube was awesome! This underwater tube was like a giant aquarium. I watched as Basculin and Frillish swam all around me as I walked through the tube. Eventually, I finally reached my destination, Humilau City. It was late by this point, so I stopped at the Pokémon Center to get some sleep for the night.
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 113 Seen 131
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 68 Seen 79
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 77 Seen 85
    Pokédex Go: Obtained 216 Seen 222