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    Originally Posted by mephisto2911 View Post
    Where must I use the sapphire?
    Edit: After the Night Event with Team Rocket, I got a Key at the sailor's place and opened the door in the town, but there are only blackglasses, where must I continue?
    It's useless in beta 1.5, you'll find out in beta 2. That's the end of the beta.
    Originally Posted by PokeReject View Post
    I found a grammar error in the game (I'm very sorry I'm a Grammar Nazi >.<, I took a class that emphasized it). It's really early in the game. It occurs in Oak's lab before he comes to town.

    Okay. This will be fixed.
    Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    I like your new tilesets ! What are some good tutorials ?
    Credits, I am using a rom base by Alistar with some other added graphics from other tilesets.
    Originally Posted by pranoydstriker View Post
    i cant find the download ...can u tell where it is
    It's on the first page. The download link is highlighted. Checkpoint links are disabled for non-beta testers.

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