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So I splurged at the grocery store today and bought 2 Plasma Freeze boosters and 3 Plasma Blast boosters. My favorites are as follows:

Plasma Freeze:
Beedrill 3/116
Sceptile 8/116 Holo
Plasma Vaporeon 20/116 Reverse Holo
Plasma Cryogonal 30/116
Team Plasma Ball 105/116

Plasma Blast:
Plasma Palkia EX 66/101 :3 Holo
Ace Spec Scoop Up Cyclone 95/101 Holo
Haxorus 69/101 Holo
Carracosta 28/101
Abomasnow 26/101
Plasma Relicanth 24/101 Reverse Holo
Plasma Ursaring 76/101 Reverse Holo
Plasma Octillery 19/101
Plasma Energy 91/101

Plasma Palkia EX and the Haxorus are my top two of the group. Also, what's so special about an Ace Spec? It's a Trainer card that's has Holo all over it, so there's gotta be something special about it, right?

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