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Ragnaros glanced behind him, to Gold City, for one last time. Not that he could see anything of it in the dark. The sun had gone from the sky a long time ago. He just sat on one of the lower mountain peaks, feeling the cold wind of the night perk up his wings. It was just like the old times, when he only had to worry about doing good in his school as a member of the Gold Tribe.

"... I guess it's time to go back."

Four hours later, he was flying right above Cape City. The tents of the army of the good guys were right beneath him. Who to tell, now? Ancients all bundled up in a torturehouse, something must be up, even an idiot could see that. Who to trust more, though? Grinning, he thought about telling Penance first. Now that'd be a twist. That fool would've come up with another folly and he wouldn't even tell us. How fun! Then he remembered how much he wanted to stick his burning claws through that stupid Golduck's skull and twist his head and eat it. For betraying him, more than the Gold Tribe.

In the end, he saw the Metagross and decided. It was Belas, one of the Generals of the Alpha Alliance. He'd have to do, he landed next to him with a thud, drawing his attention. He made sure to have a formal expression as he spoke, lest he reveal anything he didn't want to.

"Belas... yeah. You won't face any opposition in Gold City. I'm able to land freely there, and so are your men. But there's one thing, the Ancients. I didn't count thousands, but there's gotta be a lot of them, outside the city, all in a torturehouse. You might want to rethink your strategic approach for this battle."

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