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Cape City

Belas walked toward the main tent, where he had positioned himself to sleep. He wanted to be right in the middle of his troops, in case an attack came at any point, and he would be able to shout orders almost immediately. It may have been uncomfortable to sleep in, surrounded by maps and tacticians, but he'd rather be uncomfortable than dead. As he approached his tent, he was startled by the appearance of one of the Gold Tribe members before him. It was the one known as Bloodthirster, a Salamence. He hadn't had much contact with him for the duration of their campaign across Valkaria. However, from what he could tell about his reputation, his Gold Tribe title is a suitable one.

It was an interesting thing he discovered though. He decided against asking him why he was even in Gold City to begin with. The more important matter was what the dragon had discovered while he was there. "Really? Interesting..." He pondered aloud, talking both to Ragnaros and to himself. A few thoughts ran through his head about his next course of action. At this point, he would probably contact Hazone and figure out exactly how to take this sign. However, he knows the first obvious step is to observe much more before attacking.

"Thanks for the information. I'll probably send some more scouts while we gather our strength to try to find out what exactly is going on." He put a giant arm closer to his face, his way of placing a hand on his chin to ponder, and added after. "You too are welcome to accompany them on these scouting missions. We could use a Gold Tribe member on them as a precaution."

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