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    How did you come to be with your Trainer?
    I earned the duty -though I did not know what it was about back then. We the patrollers held a competition to find the cleverest of us to send to far away lands… I found myself the victor and the next morning, I was instructed to submit to the Ancient Treaty, to walk alone in the tall grass and meet a human with a problem. It turned out to be him.
    The other patrollers said it was Frith's edict; my parents said it was result of my nurture.

    What ambitions do you have?
    Kittens. Many of them.
    …What? what Nidoran does not want litters of kittens?
    But I do want other things. I want to become strong and be much respected for my own power, not for the power that a Moon Stone would give me. And eventually when Trainer is working in the wild no mon will upset him because they shall know I am with him and so his work is important.

    What is most precious to you?
    Well, I've grown strong and of good ear… fit for my role. And I like that much. I'm not a vagabond and not a simple grass grazer either. I have a role in a community of many, I shall not fall prey to a Skarmory or an Arcanine, and whenever I can visit home no kitten under my charge will. It has hurt, but it is what I am proud the most in my life.

    Do you have any desire to return to the society of wild Nidoran, in retirement or for respite?
    Oh yes! Much much yes!

    Don't get me wrong, my work is very good, Trainer keeps me healthy and in top shape, I get to meet and fight Pokémon beyond what the wild ones back at home can imagine… but I'm growing old and eventually someone will have to take my place besides Trainer same way I took marli's place.
    And kittens. I have missed many mating seasons and with them the right to build my own bloodline; that weights heavier in my heart with time.

    You have a broad vocabulary for a Nidoran. Where did you come by it?
    Well I stay with a human who works with "science" so he talks funny and long, I've picked words from him and from other humans - they have various interests as well. There's also an Espeon in the group who reads books, she teaches me some words as well when she has spare time from whatever "quantum"-something she is learning.

    Not to mention, as I mentioned earlier, my warren is near Goldenrod, a very big city - so we live very close to the humans and pick many interesting things from them, like the various names you use for our different species.
    By the way who was the lucid head who didn't realize there were female "Mr. Mime"?
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