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Hanso SharpEye. ...and a Sneasel.
Cape City


"Lighten up, would ya?" Vanni rumbled, grinning as he lightly shoved Hanso's shoulder with one hand. In the Machoke's other hand was a mug of some sort of drink. "We're still alive, after all, and soon we'll be marchin' on to Gold City an' wipin' the smug smirk offa Auron's face!"

Hanso merely shrugged, nursing his own mug. He wasn't sure why he'd grabbed one, since he wasn't going to drink anything besides water. Though if any of the food and drink was purposefully drugged, Hanso figured the food he'd already eaten would start its work sooner or later. Why the Affiliates would do anything like it, he didn't know. Maybe that was what bothered him the most. "Golduck's too manipulative to predict," Hanso muttered to himself.

"Say what?" Vanni stared at him oddly before shrugging. "Well, as I always sa--" He interrupted himself with a hiccup, which got Hanso to grin for the first time in a while. The Gallade watched as Vanni was dragged away by a few other Pokemon so they could all stagger back to their tents.

It was starting to get late, anyway. Hanso dropped his untouched mug on the booth's counter before walking away, heading back into the city. Checking the mental tracker he'd put on Vera, he noted that she wasn't moving from her spot. Need to check on Genevieve now...also need to pull Scar out of the tunnels.

In the shadows of the night, a Pokemon moved swiftly but quietly toward the Gallade he recognized. He wasn't wearing his emblem, but then again, he didn't wear the emblem in the forest either. It was his odd eyes he remembered. And at that he knew he had to confront him.

The Sneasel thief emerged from the shadows and blocked the path in front of Hanso. But it wasn't aggression he carried in his eyes, or at least that wasn't the primary emotion he displayed. He panted heavily, and on his face he carried an expression of fear and wear. He seemed to have been carrying it for a long time.

"You..." He said in between his pants. "You, yer...Gold Tribe right? I know...I remember you. You are."

The initial reaction was to slip into a battle pose, arm-blades springing out, but Hanso stopped himself as he saw the Sneasel's exhaustion. How did he know Hanso was Gold Tribe?... "Yes..." The Gallade sheathed his arm-blades as he relaxed. After a moment, he added, "I don't remember you, though."

The Sneasel continued to pant heavily, placing his paws on his knees to try to catch his breath. "I was in the forest. The Thieves Forest." He picked up a paw to reassure him he didn't mean violence right now. "I ain't hurt ya," He puffed. "I...I dunno know where else...I dunno..." His voice trailed off, and a tear was spotted streaming down his face. "They killed us....they got us all. After you left....they got us!" He said, trying to hold back tears as he fell to the ground, slamming a fist onto the broken marble streets. "They killed Roswell, and everyone else they could get to...only a little escaped..."

Hanso had guessed something of the sort, during his confrontation with Varren inside Sovereign's head. The Thi-- Sneasel, was in no condition to fight him even if he wanted to. One hand reached up to rub his arm while Hanso listened. After they left... "I really doubt you're here to blame us," Hanso muttered to himself. Speaking louder, the Gallade stated, "The Silver Tribe double-crossed you, then." He didn't ask why the Sneasel had come here, why he'd shown himself to Hanso. The Thief would likely do so very soon, if not that very moment.

In an almost instantaneous moment, the Sneasel stopped his pounding and scurried over to the Gallade, grabbing him by the shoulders, shaking him while tears were in his eyes. "You...yer Gold Tribe. Yer suppose to help Pokemon when they get in trouble! We...we dunno what to do...we want to fight...we want to get payback, but we can't...we can't do it by ourselves." He looked to the side, remembering the slaughter he had witnessed as he ducked out of the forest with everyone he could. "Noctus left, he was gone for a while now...I think he went to Silver City...and the King's dead. Everyone's look at me, but I dunno what to do." He shook Hanso again. "Help us, will ya!?"

"Stop." Hanso's voice and hands were firm as he pushed the Sneasel back a step. "Stop freaking out." Yes, the Gold Tribe was supposed to help Pokemon in trouble, but not all members were like that, and normally a Gold Tribe fighter wouldn't readily help the Thieves. They'd be trying to get rid of the Thieves, in fact. Bringing Noctus up made Hanso clench one of his hands.

That was before the war, though. Hanso had to remember that the known living Gold Tribe was, for the most part, perhaps better than others before the war. Unclenching his fist, Hanso answered, "Yeah, we'll work together. ...I don't see it as a problem, but we should let the Gold Tribe know about this before all the Thieves show themselves."

The Sneasel was actually surprised that Hanso had said yes. He had come to the Gold Tribe as a last resort, as what he believed to be a foolish errand that would have ended up with him being thrown in jail. Letting go of the Gallade, he wiped away from tears from his arm, and let himself develop a small smile for a few seconds, before composing himself. "Right...right I gotcha. Jus...jus come find us when you decided. We want to help. After what Auron did, we deserve that chance." He backed away, moving over to let the Gallade pass. He began slowly heading for the exit of the city. "I'll let the others know. We're pretty tired and hungry but we'll be hangin' around the south outside of the city."

As he headed to leave, the thief turned back his head, adding before he left. "Hey...uh...thanks."

Hanso waved back. "I'll update you if something comes up," he replied, placing a mental tracker on the surface of the Sneasel's mind. A very mild itch that could be easily ignored, if the Thief noticed it at all. It wasn't until the Sneasel had left that Hanso realized he'd said 'let the Gold Tribe know'. Almost as if he wasn't one himself. He considered it, then came to a decision. For now...the medical bunker near Stoneguard.

When he showed up, Hanso stopped a passing Chansey. "There a store of food here?" The Chansey gave an affirmative. "Need to gather some of it that can be spared. Leave it in the south outside the city. Keep it quiet." When the nurse gave him a puzzled expression, Hanso added, "There are hungry Pokemon out there. I don't know if they're able to get any food for themselves, but they won't be coming into the city themselves."

Seeing the Chansey off, Hanso traced Genevieve's mind to where she lied on a bed, still unconscious. Vera's tracker still indicated inactivity, as well. Activity in the medical bunker had gone down in the past while, so Hanso didn't feel too guilty in pulling up a stool to sit on. I'll talk to Zane in the morning... His head propped on a hand as his elbow rested on a knee, Hanso fell asleep.