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    I think many thing can make or break a pokemon game all the things im about to say will almost never happen but hey game freak must pay attention to there fans after all we did get a anime with the original red so let me take a crack at it
    1. All 1000+ pokemon catchable including starters you may ask what do you mean 1000 + well lets take into account all the forms,eveolutions, plus i expect a good pokemon game to update as soon as gamefreak makes a new region with new pokemon
    2. Major type changing for starters electivire and magmotar WHY ARE THEY NOT FIGHTING ASWELL AS FIRE AND ELECTRIC scyther and gyarados (if you have a flying type why can you not learn any flying type moves)?!!
    3. every singal region adding more also ( all people do is cry when they hear all regions if you don want dont play its as simple as that) also why not have a fresh start system also you cannot catch a pokemon that you got over level 50 in the region before so you would want to force yourself to go and use nu pokemon first so you will conserve intell the very last region.
    4. pokemon follow you duh i shouldnt even have to explain why that made yellow and hg/ss the best pokemon games
    5.completley mmorpg it will be a 3d model 3rd person shooter like wow but gamefreak will make 10x the revenue also fighting and trading with other people will be revelutionised and the update with new region thing will take a little update also people could make there own servers making you live your own singleplayer or multiplayer experience excluding some pokemon or regions maybe even remakeing some pokemon hacks or making your own special pokemon editing the battle system to have unlimited moves like super pokemon eevee edition or grapchics to be 1st gen or 2th gen
    6. get rid of the dang trade evolution system we didnt like it in 1st gen we dont like it now seriously what if you trade your electabuzz for a machoke and the guy wont give it back that happens all the time it isnt just mmo's in the future if you blame someone gamefreak for people missing there magmotar and gengar for level 5 rattata its you guys.

    Well Thats my list I Know it long but if you want a perfect pokemon game some of these are valied points also sorry for gramar kinda in a hurry (pre ordering x and y yay)
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