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Hello and good day. I am here to ask a question.
I am following Jambo's tutorial on adding new attacks without replacing old ones.
I am aware that he's using FireRed as a base, however, it's easy to follow since there are tools that lets me see the pointers that I needed in Ruby, however...
I am stuck in the step wherein I'm going to repoint the pointers to my new assigned offset.
Specifically, the attack names in Ruby.

From what I gathered, Ruby's attack pointer is 0x1F8320, so naturally, I'll just search for the reverse of the offset, which would be 20831F, but here's the problem.

In Ruby, all those pointers are 20831F83, not 20831F08 that I was expecting.

Long story short, I wanna ask what's the correct attack name pointer in Pokémon Ruby. =/

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