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    Originally Posted by Branellope View Post
    There are two things I want to do in my hack.
    1. Add a new type (Fairy)
    2. Make it so you get the National Dex from Celio when you get to One Island, instead of Professor Oak after the Elite Four.

    1) I'm assuming you are a new ROM hacker since you are asking these questions. Adding a new type would require a lot of ASM knowledge. It's not something a hacker that is starting out can learn to do. What I would recommened is just forget about doing this right away, get some experience with ROM hacking, and return after you have had practice with ASM and such.

    2) Just open the script for Professor OAK in advanced map. Find the part of the script where Prof Oak gives you the national Pokedex, and just rewrite that script and complie it, and put the script offset in Celio's Script (If that makes any sense). If you didn't understand that, you can PM me and I can explain in more detail.
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