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First update for my Nuzlocke in FireRed, only a few casualties so far.


Pokemon thus far:
Starter - Carvanha/Gnasherr
Route 1 - Pidgeotto, Fainted
Route 22 - Altaria/Nimbus, Caught
Route 2 - Mareep/Baaarmy, Caught
Viridian Forest - Beedrill/Bumble, Caught
Route 3 - Metagross, Fainted, Ran out of Poke Balls
Mt. Moon - Delibird/DHL, Caught
Route 4 - Weedle/Drillbit, Caught
Route 24 - Lanturn/Tesla, Caught
Route 25 - Meditite/Psykick, Caught

-Defeated Brock with just Gnasherr
-Nimbus fainted to a wild Metagross
-Evolved Baaarmy
-Evolved Drillbit
-Drillbit died to a trainer in Misty's gym, wasn't that close to him anyway
-Bumble fainted to a wild Togetic, who used Metronome and got a lucky Dragon Rage
-Beat Gary after grinding, I always hate that battle
-Defeated Misty with Baaarmy

Current Team:


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FireRed, Crystal, Sapphire,
Diamond 0/8, White, X

The Ones that Got Away: 1/16

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Grass Monotype - Sapphire 5/8