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The internet is actually just as bad for introverts as the real world. We're still told to make friends and "network" and people we barely know try to be our facebook friends when we'd rather not talk to them.

I think the internet is a mixed bag. In some ways it really helps people, like people who live in tiny towns, isolated places, with nothing to do and not much exposure to different ideas. (Just imagine being a gay kid in a religious town without the internet.) You can learn and grow a lot with just a little info here and there. I'm gonna date myself and tell you that I remember a time before youtube, before netflix, before smartphones, before all that instant gratification. The internet was more, what's a good word, special? It was something you reserved for certain times or activities and it was something you had in addition to what else you had.

Anyway, enough anecdotes. Yes, the internet can be bad when overused and the way it's organized now, with every item you own having wifi and the over-importance of social media, it is designed to be overused.
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