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Originally Posted by Morkula View Post
Okay, so...I understand who they're marketing this toward (and it's not me). It's for little kids who are too young for the 3D features. I get that, and it's a decent value considering that market.

But here's what I don't get: why in the name of hell would you design a handheld for little kids and then leave the screens unprotected? Little kids break things. The clamshell design protects the screen from being broken. So why would you leave the screen out in the open like that to get smashed and scratched to hell and back? It boggles the mind.
The benefits of the clamshell design are largely negated by the weakness of the hinges. All it takes is one drop in a public location (specifically, anything with concrete sidewalks, concrete flooring, or concrete foundation directly beneath the tiles/carpet) to completely destroy the hinges. And if a screen is going to get cracked or otherwise damaged from a fall with enough force, the clamshell design will do little to stop that.
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