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    Hello one and all and welcome to the Date of Birth Challenge! The premise is simple, your DOB dictates your team members, this may result in some very interesting combinations! Here's how it works:

    1. Take the day you were born, and add it to the month and the last two digits of the year.

    2. Take the day you were born and multiply it by the Generation* of game you are playing.

    3. Take the month you were born in and multiply it by the Generation* of the game you are playing, squared.

    - a)If you were born in December, January or February, select an Ice type of your choice.
    - b)If you were born in March, April or May, select a Grass type of your choice.
    - c)If you were born in June, July or August, select a Fire type of your choice.
    - d)If you were born in September, October or November, select a Rock type of your choice.

    - a)If you were born in December, January or February, select a Black Pokemon of your choice.
    - b)If you were born in March, April or May, select a Yellow Pokemon of your choice.
    - c)If you were born in June, July or August, select a Gray Pokemon of your choice.
    - d)If you were born in September, October or November, select a Purple Pokemon of your choice.

    6. The first Pokemon found on the route that corresponds to the month you were born in.

    *Remakes are counted as the original Generation they were released in, e.g. FR/LG are Gen 1

    For the first three Pokemon picking rules, take the resultant number, and the Pokemon you get is the Pokemon that corresponds to that number in the Regional Dex of your selected game. If the number exceeds the number of Pokemon in your Regional Dex of choice, simply half it, and if necessary, round up up to the nearest number to obtain your Pokemon! As I understand this can all be a bit confusing, I have provided an example below.

    This will also be my sign up! Now, I was born on the 24th of December 1994, so, since I have chosen to play Ruby as my game (3rd Gen as I'm sure we all know) I would get:

    1. 12+24+94=130, which in the Hoenn Dex is Crawdaunt.
    2. 24x3=72, giving me Aggron
    3. 12x3x3=108, giving me Koffing
    4. Since I was born in December, an Ice type of my choice, Walrein!
    5. Again, December means Black, so I pick Houndoom.
    6. I get to catch the first Pokemon I find on Route 112, since in Hoenn there is no Route 12, this also goes for Sinnoh, where it would become Route 212.

    For those playing Gen 6 games, since the Regional Dex has been split into three parts, it will work a little differently for you! Each of the first three Rules will apply to a different part of the Kalos Dex, but you can choose which Rule for which part. An example, for Rule 1, my resultant number is 130, which would give me Pinsir in the Coastal Dex, Aromatisse in the Central Dex, or Sudowoodo in the Mountain Dex, and it is my choice which one I take. BUT, each Dex must be used, you cannot take two from the same Dex, all three must correspond to a Rule. Again, this can be confusing, so feel free to message me with any queries!


    Your team must be chosen using the above method.
    2. You may use HM slaves if necessary, but they must not take part in battles.
    3. Legendaries ARE allowed.
    4. If you receive a NFE Pokemon, you can choose to evolve it if you so desire. If your Pokemon only evolves through trading, you may trade it to evolve, or use a programme to do it for you.
    5. If one or more of your Pokemon are unobtainable in the game you have selected, you may hack/trade them in at a low level at the start of the game. The hacked in Pokemon must be legal, meaning no RNG abuse/illegal moves or abilities.

    6. You may use your starter Pokemon until you catch your first Pokemon, but as soon as your first Pokemon is caught, the starter must be boxed/released. If your first Pokemon is not available before the third gym, then you may hack/trade one of your Pokemon at a low level.
    7. Emulators and speed up are allowed, but no cheating!
    8. Hacked games are allowed, such as Blaze Black or FireRed Omega, as long as they fit into the category of a generation (i.e. No Fakemon, must have a Regional Dex).
    9. Just to clear up the confusion surrounding the sixth Pokemon 6, think of it like a Nuzlocke, the first Pokemon you find on the Route corresponding to the month of your DOB is the one you may catch. If you fail to catch it, you're running with five Pokemon. And, if you're playing Gen 2 or one of the remakes (e.g. Gold, Silver, Crystal, SoulSilver, HeartGold) then you must wait until Kanto to catch your last Pokemon!

    The challenge is complete when you beat:
    R/B/Y/FR/LG: Blue (Your Rival)
    G/S/C/HG/SS: Red (At Mt Silver)
    R/S: Steven
    E: Wallace
    D/P/Pt: Cynthia
    B/W: Alder
    B2/W2: Iris
    X/Y: AZ

    Please confirm your Pokemon teams on sign up! (With the exception of Pokemon 6 of course, but the route number must be confirmed and this Pokemon should be confirmed once it has been caught)

    Here is a sign up sheet:

    Pokemon Team:


    PokeMinez - Black 2: Nidoqueen, Kangaskhan, Gothorita, Tepig, Cinccino, (Route 8)
    Airbourne Bubblun - Sapphire: Weezing, Wingull, Vileplume, Magcargo, Crobat, (Route 110)
    JayTheKing - Platinum: Skorupi, Spiritomb, Graveler, Glaceon, Murkrow, Bidoof
    warship - FireRed: Electabuzz, Poliwag, Abra, Arcanine, Machamp, (Route 7)
    The Sceptile King - Emerald: Lotad, Masquerain, Aggron, Blaziken, Armaldo, (Route 108)
    mucus - Blaze Black 2: Rhyhorn, Dodrio, Ho-oh, Shieldon, Gengar, (Route 10)
    WeightyWillBill - Emerald: Cacturne, Geodude, Torkoal, Blaziken, Skarmory, (Route 106)
    TheDawningGlaceon - White: Bouffalant, Klink, Zekrom, Beartic, Sigilyph, (Route 12)
    Natnew - Pearl: Geodude, Wormadam, Munchlax, Oddish, Vespiquen, (Route 203)
    Charblade111 - Sapphire: Gyarados, Abra, Teddiursa, Glalie, Duskull, Numel
    Zivlok - HeartGold: Exeggcute, Fearow, Poliwag, Typhlosion, Aron, (Route 7)
    Maxew555 - Diamond: Prinplup, Chimchar, Blissey, Rapidash, Graveler, (Route 207)
    Luigi-San - Expert Emerald: Sandshrew, Whismur, Zubat, Charizard, Glalie, (Route 107)
    DaNewbInTown - White 2: Sigilyph, Clefable, Conkeldurr, Serperior, Galvantula, (Route 13)
    Crimson0191 - Pearl: Azumarill, Ambipom, Bronzor, Cranidos, Shellos, (Route 211)
    PersianTrainer - Black 2: Eelektross, Scraggy, Genesect, Cryogonal, Yamask, (Route 12)
    AuraBladeNM - Emerald: Spinda, Dustox, Wingull, Magcargo, Seviper, (Route 109)
    Whallan - SoulSilver: Venonat, Cleffa, Nidorina, Typhlosion, Machamp, (Route 6)
    Clemstar - FireRed Omega: Staryu, Venonat, Psyduck, Houndoom, Skarmory, (Route 6)
    atomtanned - Yellow: Electabuzz, Sandshrew, Caterpie, Aerodactyl, Gengar, Route 10)
    bmangoobs - Gold: Typhlosion, Pidgey, Nidoking, Exeggcutor, Sandshrew, (Route 5)
    CanadianBaconX - White: Shelmet, Pawniard, Zekrom, Darumaka, Minccino, (Route 6)
    Shad0wChas3r - HeartGold: Kingler, Charizard, Charmander, Piloswine, Umbreon, (Route 1)
    roserade31 - Blue: Mr Mime, Pidgeotto, Charizard, Magmar, Rhydon, Magikarp
    Samurott01 - Black 2: Unfezant, Simisear, Floatzel, Volcarona, Kyurem, (Route 8)
    SetheKing - Emerald: Sandshrew, Slakoth, Slakoth, Blaziken, Kadabra, (Route 104)
    TheZenTraveler - Ruby: Spoink, Dustox, Vileplume, Aggron, Muk, (Route 110)

    ChibiVamp - Sapphire: Aggron, Slakoth, Walrein, Seviper, Poochyena
    GatAttack - FireRed: Tangela, Arbok, Kingler, Onix, Gengar, (Route 11)
    Dr Rose - Emerald: Sharpedo, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Lileep, Girafarig, Gyarados
    Warrior Rapter - Platinum: Wooper, Lopunny, Sneasel, Bastiodon, Crobat, Ralts
    Jeannes.Thinkin - Platinum: Luxray, Ambipom, Wurmple, Shaymin, Mareep, (Route 203)

    Flame999 - Ruby: Trapinch, Geodude, Wailmer, Relicanth, Muk, (Route 111)
    Flame999 - FireRed: Horsea, Primeape, Kingler, Aerodactyl, Haunter, (Route 11)
    Akihiko123 - Emerald: Nidoking, Rapidash, Golduck, Houndoom, Steelix, (Route 108)
    Hydreigon99 - SoulSilver: Arcanine, Magneton, Noctowl, Mamoswine, Honchkrow, (Route 1)
    renafiore - X: Dwebble, Hoothoot, Vaporeon, Smeargle, Ditto, (Route 10)
    Jbsundown - FireRed: Tauros, Ekans, Kadabra, Charizard, Rhydon, (Route 8)
    eeveeandmew - Diamond: Steelix, Happiny, Houndour, Batsiodon, Mismagius, (Route 1)
    Illusione-Tempus - Sapphire: Whiscash, Electrike, Azurill, Ninetails, Skarmory, Tentacool
    alvmonster - Gold: Scizor, Croconaw, Noctowl, Piloswine, Houndoom, (Route 2)
    BlueStone - Emerald: Dustox, Ludicolo, Rayquaza, Cradily, Crobat, (Route 112)
    Buggles - White 2: Carracosta, Braviary, Genesect, Mamoswine, Chandelure, Patrat
    CoolGriffendor - White: Pansear, Lilligant, Vanillite, Tepig, Ferroseed, (Route ??)
    Justin - Emerald: Banette, Surskit, Torkoal, Walrein, Dusclops, (Route 127)
    DarkChibimon - HeartGold: Electrode, Hitmonlee, Mamoswine, Charizard, Arceus, (Route ??)
    Forte - Emerald: Flygon, Anorith, Whismur, Sceptile, Manetric, (Route 105)
    Forte - HeartGold: Muk, Dugtrio, Wigglytuff, Meganium, Girafarig, (Route 5)
    Forte - Black: Haxorus, Vullaby, Sawk, Leavanny, Galvantula, (Route 5)
    Imperator61 - Platinum: Drapion, Spiritomb, Weavile, Ramparados, Gastrodon, (Route 209)
    AoTora - Blaze Black 2: Tynamo, Patrat, Darumaka, Froslass, Honchkrow, (Route 12)
    Matthew Jay Reynolds - Crystal: Scizor, Geodude, Caterpie, Entei, Qwilfish, (Route 6)
    Matthew Jay Reynolds - Emerald: Grumpig, Seaking, Azurill, Camerupt, Aggron, (Route 106)
    Trogd0r017 - SoulSilver: Typhlosion, Kakuna, Magneton, Clefable, Muk, (Route 8)
    Keith - Emerald: Trapinch, Geodude, Aggron, Blaziken, Mightyena, (Route 108)
    Slaying Moon - Perfect Platinum: Staryu, Machamp, Sunflora, Articuno, Giratina, (Route 212)
    .Missingno - Crystal: Scizor, Furret, Raticate, Magmar, Steelix, (Route 6)
    nikkisippi121 - Y: Gigalith, Haxorus, Voltorb, Lapras, Snorlax, Pidgey
    Chevitile - Blaze Black 2: Scrafty, Clefable, Conkeldurr, Serperior, Manectric, (Route 3)
    cscof - LeafGreen: Lickitung, Charmeleon, Clefable, Ninetales, Machamp, (Route 6)
    bladeisbeast111 - FireRed: Raticate, Rattata, Bulbasaur, Sneasel, Umbreon, (Route 1)
    Mattastro91 - FireRed: Butterfree, Blastoise, Venusaur, Jynx, Snorlax, (Route 1)
    LiteSandwich - Blaze Black 2: Koffing, Pikachu, Poliwag, Glaceon, Houndoom, (Route 12)
    the Anarchit3cht - Crystal: Granbull, Venonat, Arbok, Magmar, Machoke, (Route 6)
    iPika - Emerald: Weezing, Venusaur, Skitty, Rhydon, Nidoking, (Route 110)


    Bestwaffles - Ruby: Crawdaunt, Aggron, Koffing, Walrein, Houndoom, Numel
    Serperion - Gold: Weezing, Magnemite, Kadabra, Typhlosion, Nidoking, Machoke
    hevitile - FireRed Omega: Seaking, Pidgeot, Blastoise, Breloom, Ninetails, Wigglytuff
    GucciMeme - Emerald: Cacturne, Whismur, Aggron, Ninetails, Donphan, Tentacruel
    Zappaman - Platinum: Raichu, Staraptor, Munchlax, Infernape, Glalie, Machop
    kingofeds - Blue: Hitmonlee, Caterpie, Bulbasaur, Jynx, Snorlax, Pidgey
    Chevitile - StormSilver: Muk, Golem, Pidgeot, Cacturne, Typhlosion, Swablu
    AoTora - FireRed: Lickitung, Ivysaur, Butterfree, Piloswine, Houndoom, Horsea
    jdthebud - VoltWhite 2: Tauros, Zapdos, Delcatty, Beartic, Houndoom, Combee
    hmvv - FireRed: Koffing, Arbok, Kingler, Golem, Venomoth, Drowzee
    Superstrength79 - Y: Nidoran
    ♀, Noibat, Croagunk, Charmander, Lillipup, Ducklett
    Waterlemon - X: Shedinja, Shellder, Hydreigon, Charizard, Zoroark, Inkay
    Chevitile - Expert Emerald: Flygon, Azurill, Wingull, Bellossom, Rapidash, Doduo
    AoTora - Diamond: Spiritomb, Prinplup, Happiny, Abomasnow, Houndoom, Quagsire
    LilJz - FireRed: Electabuzz, Arbok, Wartortle, Moltres, Rhydon, Persian
    bladeisbeast11 - Soulsilver: Furret, Golbat, Cyndaquil, Spheal, Houndoom
    Chevitile - Sol Platinum: Quagsire, Misdreavus, Wurmple, Seedot, Ampharos, Magby
    Enigma - Emerald: Flygon, Makuhita, Whispur, Sceptile, Manetric, Wailmer
    bewbs - Y: Furret, Vaporeon, Delibird, Bellossom, Ampharos, Furfou

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