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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    I got some neat stuff today. Got a Plasma Blast Elite Trainer Box and got this:

    Genesect EX
    Reverse Genesect
    Holo Blastoise x2
    Holo Houndoom
    Reverse Mesprit
    Drifblim x2

    Also, the Target here has been selling old packs for $3.33. Old as in ex Crystal Guardians and ex Dragon Frontiers, so some pulls from those have been:

    Exploud EX
    Delta Milotic
    Delta Ninetales
    Delta Arbok
    Delta Typhlosion
    My local Target had the EX Dragon Frontiers as well in the $3.33 bin and winded up pulling the Gold Star Charizard in the 3rd pack. Was so worth it! Ha!
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