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Since I last posted I've gotten mostly Plasma Freeze, Boundaries Crossed and a couple Plasma Blast. Mostly the first 2 though.

My holo rares and a couple other rares are

Sceptile Holo
Chandelure Holo
Electrode Holo
3rd Dragonite Holo
Kingdra Holo
Latios EX
Tornadous EX Full Art

Boundaries Crossed

Dusknoir Holo
Cresselia EX
Liepard Holo
Crystal Edge
Cresselia EX Full Art
Scizor Holo
Rocky Helmet (I got this one today)

Plasma Blast

G Scope

I've also gotten 2 Victini rares, a Black Kyurem, a Keldeo rare and a reverse holo Shaymin.
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