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Cape City

The Scizor Sentinel reacted almost immediately as he heard the shout of his name from above, the source not being that of the Madman. Being the scout of the Sentinels and a Pokemon with intense reflexes, as well as possessing a wide range of his own intelligence networks allowed him to almost immediately identify the Salamence as one of the Gold Tribe members, Blitzkrieg. He picked up earlier information of ties between Paladin and Blitzkrieg, so he knew his arrival meant hostilities would follow, something Sentry didn't intend for at the moment.

As the Fire Blast came for him, he was seen bending his knees as the flames approached at him swiftly. He knew if he was caught by them, the damage would have been tremendous. But a moment later, the fire impact the area, but the Scizor no longer occupied it. In a blink of an eye, he vanished from the spot. He only seemed to reappear to the Pokemon present when he announced himself.

"As I said before," He stated, crouched with one knee on the ground on top of a ruined home, approximately 10 meters from where he stood before. "Today was not the day you were suppose to die," He looked back at the giant Golurk, who still seemed to be awakening. He would have to distract for a bit as he did. "But...if you wish it, then so be it,"

Sentry brought up his hands, the air around him beginning to pick up speed, until soon the wind was visible, and becoming increasingly lethal. The area of impact increased around him, and expanded into the sky, where Penance, the Pidgeot, and Blitzkrieg flew. The wind became like blades, sharp and lethal to everyone who flew within the range of the attack. He sent the Razor Wind at fully power toward the three.

Plains of Valkaria

"Hehehehehe...." The darkness of night surrounded the Sableye and Jolteon Sentinels, and from that darkness, the cackling laughter of another Pokemon could be heard. "Looks like the two of you have seen better days....hehehehehahahahaah!" The Pokemon emerged from its hiding spot, still covered by the dark of the night, a shadow covering most of its form, but his enormous, malicious grin. "Two Sentinels, licking their wounds! What a sight! I've heard the freelancer Sentinels were a lot tougher than this..." He cackled. As he examined them more, he noticed the condition of the Jolteon. "Oh? One of you not feeling too good? I think I have some medicine...but...OH! I left it in my other pants!" He yelled, bursting out into laughter on the ground below. He seemed to get immense enjoyment out of his own jokes, almost to an excessive state. As he tried to compose himself after almost a minute of laughing on the ground, the Pokemon rose himself, wiping the tears from his eyes, and approached the pair.

"But anyway...sorry, I forget myself," He got out from the cover of the darkness, revealing a pair of large, red eyes, and a shadowy form to keep his grin and eyes together. The Gengar gave the two a short bow. "Levin Gannon, Sentinel of the Silver Tribe, at your service." If it was possible, his grin seemed to widen even more, almost making it seem as if his form enlarged a bit with him.

"You can call me "The Deceiver".

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