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    Gretis! This is amazing! Please! Reserve me!

    Name: Kallet Genesis, also known as "The Ghost"

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Element: Wind

    Theme: Final Fantasy Preludes

    Appearance: Kallet is a slender, but tall man, standing at 6'7, and weighing around 170 pounds. He is very thin, and doesn't contain much physical strength, preferring to rely on his stealth and speed to win a battle. Genesis has very pale skin, which in fact borders on ghostly, due to a very rare disease unknown to the world. It has a strange effect on his eyes, as well, leaving them blood red. His face fits in with the rest of his body, and is in fact quite slender. His perfectly straight hair frames his face quite well, and is white, much like snow, another result of the disease. It's quite long, hanging down to his shoulders. He would keep it tied in a ponytail, but he takes pride in it. Kallet is the only one to have ever caught his disease, and he views that makes him special. Not necessarily better than anyone. Just special. His normal apparel consists of black leather pants that hug his slender legs tightly, as well as a black, sleeveless tunic. He wears a black, but hoodless, cloak over his tunic, that hangs down around his ankles. It has a single pair of the strings at the top that can be used to secure it to his body. For shoes he wears black combat boots that extend to just below his knee. When combined with his black apparel, his skin and eyes give him the appearance of a ghost, and he has been given this nickname for that very purpose.

    Personality: Kallet is very reserved. He tends to shy away from society whenever possible, and absolutely loathes interaction. He isn't afraid of anything, but he believes that people do not want him around because of his disease. He is very quiet, and will only speak unless spoken to first. His heart is one that's been scarred by many years of torment and harassment, so he doesn't form bonds very well. Genesis will shut people out, no matter how hard they try, until they completely earn his trust, quite an impossible task. He isn't afraid to admit he's a loner, but he yearns to fit in. Anywhere he can. He longs desperately for company, although he won't admit it. Once you earn his trust and friendship, however, he will fight to protect you to the very end, to his last fleeting breath. His quiet, smooth voice tends to add to his shy personality. Kallet is very intelligent and normally has a plan that would work almost flawlessly, but he won't share it unless any of his companions would care to ask. He's a strong believer in non-violent solutions, but will fight brutally and efficiently if the situation calls for it. Kallet is almost fearless, facing most foes with as much heroism as he could possibly muster, although he won't hesitate to slink away from a fight if it seems hopeless. He believes that one day he will be accepted in society, and that heroes can come from the most unlikely places. Everyone has a chance to become a hero...Even a Ghost.

    Hometown: Unknown to anyone. Even Kallet himself.

    History: Kallet, as far as he knows, is an orphan raised in a city named Jubilee, just north of Grandora. The town was quite peaceful, and Kallet lived a relatively normal childhood, despite all of the terrible things kids called him. "Freak!" "Monster!" "Spook!" These words still haunt him to this day. Everything was relatively good for him, until Diaz's forces came to the city. They began to 'recruit' all able-bodied men to fight in his magesty's army. It was then that Kallet was taken at the age of sixteen. He began to weep and resisted, simply stating, "I don't believe in fighting!" Over and over again. All of the soldiers merely laughed in his face, and began to taunt him. "Freak!" "Monster!" "Spook!" The same names from his childhood. It was then that Kallet realized that the world is a dark and cruel place. And it was then that Kallet vowed that he would create a glimmer of light, to shine through the darkness, and perhaps even break it. For the next five years, he was forced to serve in the army, to do horrible things. Every night before he went to sleep he would curse himself for the attrocities he was made to commit. However, he met an interesting man by the name of Eagun during a siege of B'Lectar. But the thing was, Eagun was on the other side. Kallet clashed with the soldier, both evenly matched. They eventually collapsed, one's back to the other. They began to have a conversation, and even struck up a friendship. It was short-lived, however, and an arrow caught Eagun in the chest. With his last breaths, he bestowed his two blades upon Kallet. There names? Freedom and Glory. It was then that Kallet realized that he would bring light into the world. That he would sacrifice himself to do so. That he would leave the army. For the next two years, he wandered about taking any job that would pay well enough, such as a horse-groomer, or even a mercenary for a small period of time. He knew nothing about the road he was taking, but surely enough it would take him to destiny.

    Weapon: (Since I can't go for the Buster Blade-esque :p Haha) Two curved swords, both very special to him made of Durrinium, a material slightly stronger than steel, one sheathed at each hip. Each blade has an intricate crossguard, the left, named Freedom, has the spread wings of a eagle for the crossguard. The right, named Glory, has a dragon's spread wings for its crossguard. He usually dual wields them. Kallet has used a gun before, as well as a bow, but he prefers his trusty blades.

    Gone with the wind: Kallet uses the wind to speed his feet, making him run at extreme speeds. Using this makes him seem to vanish, as if he merged into the wind.

    Demon Wind: A strange essence (wind) flows through his blood system, speeding his movements up three times the normal human speed, causing his swordsmanship to increase drastically.

    RP Sample: (Optional. It helps me know how skilled you are, and if you are suitable for the RP.)

    Other: Kallet loves music with a passion, and is quite the beautiful singer himself, although he hates doing it in front of people. Another strange love of his is the love of the stars. He spends countless hours staring at them during the night.
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