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    Looks awesome!

    Name: Asilsa Driesse Age: 21 Gender: Female

    Element: Lightning

    Theme Music: Dawn Brigade


    Personality: The easiest way to describe Asilsa is with two words; fighter and romantic. She's strong and determined never backing down from a fight. She'll take on an opponent much stronger than she is if it will keep others safe. For to her nothing is more important than the safety of others. She is a leader, good at devising strategies and plans and picking out others strengths and weaknesses. Asilsa has a strong wish to get revenge for her father and will stop at nothing to get it. As for her own weakness that is simple. Due to her romantic nature she has dreams like other girls of a knight in shining armor sweeping her off her feet. She isn't a flirt at all but if someone flirts with her she will easily fall for their charms. She's a true sucker for a sweet and romantic guy.

    Hometown: Aldhurst Village, Kale.

    History: Asilsa was born and raised in Aldhurst Village in Kale. A small village a days journey from mountains North-West of Kale. Growing up Asilsa spent most of her days with her only living parent her father; Cain. Her mother Iseri died of a fever a few years after Asilsa was born. Her father was a blacksmith specializing in making and repairing swords and other weapons. When the civil war started the Driesse family managed to stay out of it at first. Life continued as normal for them. Cain would work in his blacksmiths shop with Asilsa helping him on some days. The days she wasn't helping her father Asilsa spent them eaither reading fairy-tales or studying books on lightning magic that were left to her by her mother. When she turned 21 Asilsa was gifted a rapier by her father and she named the sword Myrtenaster. Her training continued in both her sword and magic and she was okay, inexperienced she still made mistakes many times and wasn't that strong. But with practice she would get there.

    But then things changed. One day while helping her father in his shop some of Diaz's men showed up. They accused her father of helping some of the rebels. Asilsa had no idea if it was true or not but she protested and was struck by one of the men. Once this happened her father admitted to his crime begging them not to hurt her. Asilsa was forced to watch as instead of taking him to prison. Diaz's men hung her father in the center of the village. This was the last straw in her mind, without thinking she tried to attack the men. They easily defeated her and she unlike her father was sentenced to Galvez Prison.

    Weapon: A Rapier she calls Myrtenaster. (it is seen in her appearance pic)

    1. Lightning Bolt: A single bolt of lightning called down from the sky at her enemy. (lightning)
    2. Static Shield: A shield of static electricity that forms around her. (lightning)
    3. Shadow Bolt: A single bolt of dark energy called from the shadows. (Dark)


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