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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Accatosh barrelrolled infront of the wind headed towards Penance and the Pidgeot, he cast protect while he moved. most of the razor wind was reflected by his protect. "it may not be my day to die... but it IS my day to liberate my friend!"

    Accatosh then took a moment to take in the terrain, being a forested area there were a lot of trees... might as well use falling trees to his advantage, he charged up a Draco Blast and released it. the large orb split into five smaller orbs and each impacted with a tree in the area, causing explosions and causing the trees to fall making a sort of perimeter around Paladin, but also attempting to get the Scizor distracted enough for Accatosh to strike, Accatosh then gaining speed charged right for a spot where he figured the traitor would run to for cover, he lowered his front talons ready to grab him and take him to the air.