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Plains of Valkaria

"Hehehe...good!" The Gengar exclaimed excitedly. "I think we'll work well together!" He began skipping along the soft grass, his feet barely touching the green blades before jumping onto the next batch. In essence, he floated along the plains as he slowly prepared to move. When Levina and Snype were ready, they began to go to where they needed to.

"Hehehehe..." He chuckled, not necessarily as a laughter to the response of the question Snype asked. It was more of a quirk that he would do no matter what was asked of him. "You wouldn't have seen me. I lurk more in the shadows. I let the others do the heavy lifting. But I was here...oh...since the very beginning...hehehehehe..."

He began twirling his body in circles, floating just above the ground as he walked. "But every Sentinel has a specialty. Sentry does the scouting. Inferno blew Pokemon up. I liked to...entertain guests at the torturehouses...hehehehehe..." He grinned sheepishly at Snype, as he continued. "I mean, someone had to after Frost went and got herself gutted! She left a big hole to fill. Luckily, I was around." He placed a ghostly hand on his chin and pondered for a moment. "Hehe...let's see. You know how in the Alpha Alliance, there are 3 Generals who generally lead the armies? Well, you noticed they had General Belas, and you know they rescued General Hazone the Dragonite a while back. But where is poor General Catria?" He asked rhetorically. The third General he referred to was missing in action ever since the last defense of Gold City about six months ago. Many assumed she died, though Frost briefly confirmed to Belas in the battle in Eternity that she was alive and imprisoned in the torturehouse in Silver City.

"But since they're going to come to Silver City this time, I'll step out from my usual duties, and help us win this war. Hehehehe....and that's where you'll come in. Together, we can come up with some nice surprises waiting for the Alphas! Just you wait! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Cape City

"Liberate your friend..." Sentry repeated the dragons word, a hint of mockery in his tongue as he said it. "If you think-" He was cut off, the sound of Blitzkrieg powering up another blast quickly resonated with Sentry, who picked up the blast schematics based on his reports he had heard of before. When he released the blast, it separated into smaller sorts, which took the Scizor by surprised, and also caused nearby branches to fall apart and collide onto the ground. Sentry lowered his knees and prepared to expect something else, but found that the entire point of this was to distract Sentry long enough for Blitzkrieg to swoop in and target the Sentinel.

He didn't expect much tactic to come from the Gold Tribe member, which made the move a bit of a surprise to Sentry. However and luckily, he was as fast as he was for a reason, and managed to narrowly duck as the large Salamence swooped in, ready to carry him away. Sentry ducked just low enough to barely avoid the talons, but as it passed over him, one of the claws scraped across the top of his red exoskeleton head, causing a deep scratch to form right at top. Blood trickled down from the tip, but Sentry did little more than grit his teeth for a second and take the pain. He responded quickly as the Salamence took off into the sky again, living up to his name as a swift Pokemon, and fired upon Blitzkrieg with a Flash Cannon while his back was turned to him.

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