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    Name: Gerard Gladstone

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Element: Fire

    Gerard is rather short, and stands only 5'7” tall. He has a slender figure, with very defined muscles, and weighs 160lbs. He has olive skin with hazel colored eyes and an easy smile; many people would classify him as attractive, were it not for his often perplexing choices for facial hair. He tends to trim his beard and mustache in weird and often surreal ways, sometimes leaving it as separate patches that run across his face, or adopting handlebars, braided goatees, a twirly mustache, etc. His hair is thick and straight, of a reddish brown color, and often cut in bizarre ways, such as mohawk, reverse mohawk, side mohawk, sporting a dread lock mullet, you get the point… Gerard's body is covered by burn marks and scars, proof of the man's violent disposition, and he has several piercings on his ears.
    Gerard is not a very complicated person. He is a thrill-seeker and thirsty for attention. He tends to rub off the wrong way with some people, and he loves it. He is quick to annoy but slow to thoroughly anger; his tongue is as sharp as a dirk and in fact, he revels in his ability to make others anger before him, nothing puts him in a better mood than getting into a drunk argument at a stray pub, and instigating fights between the patrons. His one flaw is that when he sees that he won't win a battle of wits, he is only too eager to put up his fists and let them fly. This includes women too! Gerard has been known to strike a woman or two after being ridiculed by them; if there is one thing Gerard can't stand, it is public ridicule.
    Hometown: Greenmont, Kale (now technically part of Salos)
    Greenmont used a small and peaceful town in the outskirts of the country of Kale, after Diaz's ascendance to the throne of Salos, however, the town was occupied by Salosian forces due to the unexploited and profitable limestone quarries found within the rolling hills of Greenmont.
    Born in Greenmont, one should expect Gerard's life to follow a peaceful and insignificant life devoid of wealth or luxury. People in Greenmont dedicate their lives to one of two things, for the most part, working the fields, or offering services in the town's small square. How mistaken that assumption would prove for this fellow. Even before the war, Gerard's neediness for attention had already marked him for a troublemaker. When his mother used to take him to the market stall (his family dedicated themselves to growing and selling cabbages), he'd get in fights with the other children, whereas in the field, he'd kill more cabbages than a locust swarm. Even his parents, who loved him as only a parent could love him, felt overwhelmed by the child's inner evil.

    Then one day, as Gerard was “helping” his mom at the stall, he ran into an old man's legs as he chased the children from the other stall, and fell on his butt. “I'm so sorry sir. Please forgive him”, he remembers his mother saying. The old man was a wizard, with a purple robe, a long, silver beard and a weird pointy hat, the whole shebang. The man said nothing, and only stared at the kid he'd stumbled upon. “Child! Where are your manners?!” his mother asked the kid, reprimanding him as she pulled him from the ground. “Tell the nice man that your sorry.” (It was and still is taboo in Greenmont to acknowledge the presence of a wizard, folk there tend to act ignorant to protect themselves). Instead, Gerard stuck his tongue out to the wizard and ran off.

    Later on, the wizard would visit their family. Gerard was not allowed to listen in on their conversation, but what happened is now history. The wizard managed to convince his parents to let him travel with him, because he had talent. However, this was also taboo in Greenmont, and in order to save themselves from the ridicule or scorn from their peers, Gerard's parents and the wizard conspired to fake his death; he was eight years old at the time, but to this day, Gerard still can't remember what his name was back then. Thus, Gerard's introduction to a world far grander than ol' little Greenmont began. He traveled with the wizard for five long years, when the geezer suddenly up and died. (Truthfully, he fell ill on the road, it was fatal, but Gerard didn't have the heart to finish what the disease would take weeks to do; his master was eaten alive by crows after being abandoned by the thirteen year old).

    From that point on, Gerard traveled from village to village, learning to sneak through a city's defenses, learning to steal and who to steal from, crossing back and forth from Kale to Salos to Grandora as if there was no war at all. Until one day, he came back to Greenmont. Gerard was twenty and four, the left side of his skull was completely shaven, while the right side was braided tight with cornrows that ended in three long braids that fell to his shoulder from behind his ear. His facial hair was almost completely shaven except for his handlebar mustache and a goatee braided into three thin strands that reached down to the height of his Adam's apple, and still… he hadn't changed as much as the town. Upon entering a bar, he found out that his former family had found fortune and become rich following his “death” by exploiting the town's limestone quarries, furious and understanding the wizard's hand in this, he began a riot and ended up sent to the drunk tank, only to wake up the next day not remembering anything, except the fact that he's apparently being sent to the Galvez Prison.
    A dirk without a name; both blade and hilt are made with a heat-resisting metal alloy.

    • [Fire] Calor – Gerard's hand(s) heat to very high temperatures. This technique can be used to warm objects up, melt or make objects catch on fire and even helps suture cuts and other wounds.
    • [Dark] Noche – Gerard is able to absolutely conceal himself as long as he remains within a shadow.
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