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    I did it like a thousand times, flew away and back, reloaded the vba.
    My theory is that I had to enable the patch loading thingy, meaning that it will re-patch the rom everytime it is loaded. Maybe it is "respawning" everything what is not story-based. I am going to disable that, and see what happens. (Update: Did nothing)

    Also, I managed to get to the point when team magma is attacking the rocket station, Suicine, are you seriously thinking that I can manage to 2v1 lvl 70 fire pokémons?:d Because stevens lvl 44 Pokémons somewhy don't survive the 3rd round :D (Yes, he thought it all right, I had luck and somehow defeated them)(Am I editing my posts too many times? Maybe, but we live in a crazy world)
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