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Reserve me as well

" Lord Diaz has fallen... I cannot blindly follow a Emperor who holds no grasp on his own mind. "

Name: Grazel " The Bringer Of Hope " Cyrus
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 143lbs
Body Build: Athletically lean with tone muscles.

Element: Light
Theme Music: Let There Be Light

Personality: Grazel is a calm, tactical warrior who believes firmly in the supreme justice of the world. When tempted with the same deal that his father had received, Grazel held complications with accepting the offer from King Diaz and because of that he denied him. Even at the cost of losing his prestige, his potential wife, and his family's fortune, he still held true to his ideals. Its easily noted that as a Knight and servant of Emperor Diaz that Grazel has a strong moral compass. This, coupled with his inability to watch the weak suffer makes him a unpredictable wildcard in Diaz's hand, something that Emperor Diaz often mentioned would be his downfall. Underneath his calm exterior, Grazel can be a carefree and generous soul. He has a beautiful smile that when seen could melt the hearts of many and sway the minds of crooks.

Hometown: Grandora, Salos

History: Grazel was born to a Commander in Diaz's Army and as such was raised to serve, protect, and guide Emperor Diaz's blade through the land. Unfortunately though, Grazel wasn't exactly the mindless warrior that Ghan had wanted. The boy was determined to serve the people not the King Diaz. It had taken him a tough childhood and teenhood to discover that not every order was born from a just heart.

Over the years he was eventually made into a strong, capable of Knight. One that excelled in both politics and combat. Diaz, in honor of Commander Ghan's successes in war was made Viceroy of a small land to the east of Grandora. Diaz also saw potential in Grazel's ability to lead people. During an invasion Grazel's father was sent a letter of engagement for Grazel. Inside was a letter from King Kazul, which, more or less had explained how Luna had seen Grazel in battle and wished for him to be her King. Needless to say, Diaz was greatly interested in that, finding it almost advantageous to have a Knight engaged to the sister of his enemy. He had gained a lot of prestige and power, snd yet he was still unsure if he had even loved her. He was faced with two problems, how to solve this marriage arrangement and how to cut of the corruption known as King Diaz.

Aegel (Light) - A blade crafted for Grazel's specific actions and temper for battle. It made of some of the toughest steel in the Grandora Kingdom. The handle is long enough that he can grasp both his hands on it and its blade is double edged.
Holy Slash: He flicks his blade towards his opponent, releasing a wave of LIGHT through the earth and towards his opponent.
Kindred Spirit: Using his LIGHT mana to calm the tension in any one area. Affects a ten foot radius.
Wild Crossguard: He summons six circular, flat shields that protects him or other people from magical and physical attacks.
RP Sample:
Dense rain fell from the clustered grey skies above with force. Not a soul was out in the concrete streets, they were empty and still as if depression was snuffing its life out. All except two figures standing near the cathedral. A tall man with rain-dripped blonde hair stood out in the cold shower, while another who was only slightly shorter stood on the steps of the cathedral, her hands clasped together.

" Do you plan on betraying our Lord Diaz, Grazel ? " asked a ravened-haired woman with dark blue eyes. She stared at his back and he could just feel her looking him over. Her voice, while heavenly and light was filled with a sadness that stabbed him with guilt and pain. " I-I wish you would not to leave Grandora. Will you stay with me ? "

Grazel's hand swatted the dark cape of his armor to the side as he looked towards her with conflicted amber eyes. " I must Lyla... Our Emperor is corrupt and his words sing lies to the soldiers. " he said solemnly. " I'll find a way to save him and this country. But I can't do it here. It must be where Emperor Diaz cannot interfere... If you will j-... just give me a little time. " He looked at her for a moment, noticing the ache in her eyes before turning back around. He could tell that she had hurried out just as soon as she could, her beautiful curves was still fit with the robes of the saint.

" Be careful Sir, Grazel. Make sure you come back to me. " she told him, forcing a tender smile on her flesh colored lips.

Grazel didn't look back towards her from fear that she would see his hesitation at her words. He was unsure of his feelings for her in the courtly manner but he knew he cared deeply for the woman, he had too or else he wouldn't be feeling such pain from leaving her. " I'll try.. " he told her, taking a fleeting glance at her from over his shoulder. He started down the stone path again, his armor clanking as he left the cathedral in the dreary rain. Behind him was everything that had ever known but in front of him was a door to a better future.
  • His father was Commander Ghan.
  • Was a Knight in Salos' Army
  • Has been suited to the sister of King Kazul; Luna.
  • Publicized as a Hero of the people.

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