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1. Water Bender Ryan - Foxrally
2. Fire Bender Angelique - PJBottomz
3. Metal Bender Davian - Lord Sephear
4. Air Bender Kalden - Sir Bastian
5. Avatar Xiu Lim - Geras32

The Present Day:
Republic City. A bustling, evolving metropolis in an otherwise peaceful land. The paved streets run crisscross through the city, filled with the noise of people talking, scurrying from place to place, the whirr and hum of sato-mobiles and mopeds darting up and down the busy streets. It’s a generally busy city, surrounded by both mountains, plains and ocean.

"Tonight only, at the Pro Bending Arena!

The prodigy team of the Pro Bending Circuit, The Force of Nature, who’s made their way to the top in record time, go up against the ferocious Beetlefrogs! Will the Beetlefrogs’ several years of experience match up against the youth and willpower of The Force of Nature? Or will they succumb to the ONLY Pro Bending team in history to have an Air Bender with them?

There’s only one place to find out! In the Pro Bending arena, tonight, at eight o’clock!”

Along with some basic information like the location of the arena, ticket prices and an image of the two teams facing one another over a drawing of the arena, this poster hangs on the walls and along the lamp posts everywhere within Republic City. You might have read the poster or the newspaper, heard about the match in the radio, or heard people in the street talking about it, but hearing people talk about it, and if you’ve seen a match with The Force of Nature in it, it’s clear that tonight is going to be one hell of a show. And for one reason or another, you decide to go and watch the match. There definitely is something familiar about the Airbender shown on the poster…

What to do:
The main exercise of this first stage is to make your way to the stadium. Your 'end goal', the furthest we would like you to go, will be taking your place in the audience.

You may visit shops and go about your business on your way to the stadium, but you must go there. Your character may already be intent on watching the game, they may get dragged in to it, or they may recognise Kalden and go out of curiousity. It is up to you.

You may bump in to other characters in this part of the roleplay, but it is not forced. You may choose to roleplay your own NPCs (family, friends of your characters) instead.

It is currently 5 o' clock in the afternoon, leaving you with three hours to spend before the match starts. (Sounds like alot, but if everybody's there earlier than expected, we'll obviously skip straight to the fight)
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