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    Originally Posted by Kifli View Post
    Also, I managed to get to the point when team magma is attacking the rocket station, Suicine, are you seriously thinking that I can manage to 2v1 lvl 70 fire pokémons?:d Because stevens lvl 44 Pokémons somewhy don't survive the 3rd round :D (Yes, he thought it all right, I had luck and somehow defeated them)(Am I editing my posts too many times? Maybe, but we live in a crazy world)
    It doesn't help that Rapidash has Drought either lol

    By that point, you should have the lucky egg right? One thing I did was level up my pokemon to the mid 60's by battling a bunch of pokemon in Routes 103 in the water and 118 in the grass. Tentacruel and Miltank respectively have plenty of exp.

    In my experience with the fight, Steven's first 2 pokemon go down fast, and he gets to Skarmory. Skarmory has protect, so if you get lucky, you can get a free turn of the fire types attacking Skarmory. If you can set up something (say, you have a pokemon with Swords Dance), you have a better chance of winning.

    I'm almost done with the game, I have to train for the elite four; my first attempt failed lol. Spolier Warning: Wallace's first pokemon is a level 88 Metagross. Swept my team with ease lol
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