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    I do a little bit of Trainer spriting, and I just so happened to notice how similar in design Hugh and the Ace Trainer from HG/SS were. I put the two side by side, and wow.

    Look for yourself:

    The really only differences are that they have slightly different shoes, different hair, Hugh has a black belt that ties on his bag, and slightly different jackets. And of course different poses.

    Other than that, they have the same hair color, same jacket color of red and white and style, PokeBall in same hand, finger less gloves of the same color, and same eye color.

    And! I tested to see if the colors were exactly the same. The shading on the jacket and pants are a bit off, but hair and main jacket colors are EXACT.

    Is Hugh's sprite just a recycled, reposed, and revamped male Ace Trainer from HeartGold and SoulSilver?

    Coincidence? I think KNOT!


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